White House authorizes border troops to use lethal force – report.

There is Fake News and there is shaped Dis-information called News. This “Headline” is Shaped Dis-information. Note: ***The “cabinet order” was not signed by President Trump, but by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly*** that is a Criminal Act and Un-Constitutional. Know that: This Land is Al Moroc America Amaruka Amexem North-Africa Maghrib Al […]

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Trump accepts Nikki Haley’s surprise resignation as UN ambassador.

Nothing here to see, just business as usual. Politicians  lying and cheating and hiding behind the usual need for rest and rehab. They are being force-fully retired and given a story line to save face. Nickki the “Nuclear Chick” is the latest War-Monger now put out to pasture. Published time: 9 Oct, 2018 14:09 Edited […]

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US threatens new Turkey sanctions unless jailed pastor released. What About Millions of American Nationals In Prisons by The U.S.A. Now???

A Colonial U.S.A Person commits crimes in an other Country, that U.S.A Sanctions and Threatens The Country or Countries. Under Colonization, Millions of Original American Nationals “Moors” are held in Concentration Camp Style Prisons by U.S. Corporation Militarized Policy Enforcers “Right Here and Now”, Where is The Outrage and Sanctions against them. Nationally (So-called Whites) […]

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Lavrov to Pompeo – Free Maria Butina arrested on fabricated spy charges

It is very interesting to see how the so-called super power U.S.A acts with other Countries. They feel free to commit every imaginable offence against any and all Sovereign Countries, then yell bloody murder when any of those Countries dare to assert their Sovereign Rights. Now that others are giving them “U.S.A” the up-right middle […]

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