$600 Billion In Reparations From Venezuela & Iran To African Americans

$600 Billion In Reparations From Venezuela & Iran To African Americans Saturday, December 28, 2019 Latest: $600 Billion In Reparations From Venezuela & Iran To African Americans We are not Black People or African Americans. We are Moorish American Nationals who have been “branded miss-nomered” in order for the modern “PALE EUROPEAN ALBIONS” and those […]

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Deep understanding of the trade war allows China more composure.

These mad modern Europeans keep getting more bellicose as their Secret World-Wide Genocide and Wealth Stealing, Culture Stealing, Heritage Stealing known under different names. The main names are 1. “Secret Treaty of Verona, 2. Unum Sanctum, 3. The Doctrine of Discovery, 4. The Inter Caetera Divina, 5. Dum Devertis, 6. Romanus Pontifex, 7. Cesti Que […]

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1492-The last muslim kingdom of Al-Andalus falls.

The other Reconstruction Story from and for the Modern Albion Hybrids who were trained to conquer and take what was not theirs by any means necessary. What is not shown in the story are: Christian Churches are Stealth Arms of The Vatican European Inquisition Operations Of The World. You think different, you are food, Period. […]

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Ancient Egyptians, Grand Canyon-2

We are told, why do you not get over it, I was not here to do that, if it happened, it was my Grand-Parents or Great Grand Parents. Well We have no intention of getting over it un-till you “all Confess” and work with us to correct the wrongs. It is not an easy thing […]

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Ancient Egyptians, Grand Canyon-1

It may seem strange to read the information just below in the next chapter, while looking at and reading about Ancient Egypt In America. Rest assured, the 2 “two” tie to-gether to figure out how and why this information has been so Buried and Censored for All-most a Century. The story starting at “Ancient Egyptians, […]

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