Ancient Egyptians, Grand Canyon-2

We are told, why do you not get over it, I was not here to do that, if it happened, it was my Grand-Parents or Great Grand Parents. Well We have no intention of getting over it un-till you “all Confess” and work with us to correct the wrongs. It is not an easy thing to take responsibility for your current condition from past Criminal Acts, how-so-ever this is what must happen as the End of This Dispensation is Now. Here are a few of the deeds you would like us to forget.

Our Women “Mothers, Sisters, Grand Mothers in Al-Moroc (America) Amexem were burned and be-headed by the many hundreds of thousands. This was done by the Christian Inquisition in America during the last 150 years. Has any Christian really re-searched this one monstrous Atrocity which is a tiny part of recent Church History well hidden??? The only reference to it is what they refer to as the Salem Witch Trials. It was a 2 Continent Seek and Destroy inquisition Mission, to take down our Matriarchy where Inheritance passes through our Women, not through Men.

Note: Curious thing about these two parts of one story, several times Pyramids in The Grand Canyon are mentioned, and that they were not allowed to excavate or go inside them.     John Westley Powell is talking to a native named Jacob Vernon Hamblin in the Grand Canyon who was a Mormon and  spoke English in this Picture of John Westley Powell and Jacob Vernon Hamblin that was took in 1869. The Native knew the he was of Egyptian, European, and Hopi Indian decent.  John Westley Powell lived in the Town of Green River  in Emery County, Utah. A Member of the Powell Expedition was accidentaly killed and  John Westley Powell hired Jacob Vernon Hamblin to replace him
In 1869,  John Westley Powell worked as an Explorer and Archeologist for the
US Department of the Interior and came down the Green River to explore the Grand Canyon.
John Westley Powell  was the first Person to report any Archaeological information to the US Government about the Natives that inhabited Grand Canyon and their Histories. Powell served as second director of the US Geological Survey Department (1881–1894) a Division of the US Department of the Interior. John Westley Powell  was also Director of the Bureau of Ethnology at the Smithsonian Institution, and supported Linguistic and Sociological Research and Smithsonian Institution Publications of Discoveries and Researched Information.
The John Westley Powell River History Museum is located in Green River, Utah.
John Westley Powell had previously reported the Pyramids in Wisconsin and along the Mississippi River to the US Department of the Interior. The John Westley Powell River History Museum has all of his information of his discoveries including the Bones of a Dinosaur that he discovered that has been erected in the Museum.
John Westley Powell wrote in his report to the Government which he also Published in a Book. In this Canyon, great numbers of Man made Caves are hollowed out. I first walked down a gorge to the left of a Cliff and climbed to a Bench of the Cliff. There was a Trail on the Cliff Bench that was deeply worn into the Rock Formation. Where the Trail crossed some Gulches some Steps had been cut. I could see no evidence that the Trail had been traveled in a long time. I returned to our Camp about 3:00 PM and and the men had found more Egyptian Hieroglyphics on Cliff Walls near the Cave.
This Shrine is in Powell’s Cave. He is holding a Egyptian Lotus Flower in one Hand. John Westley Powell wrote, we explored the Cave and found this Shrine and other Artifacts. That evening I sent a team member to notifiy the Smithsonian Institute of our discovery. We contuined to Survey the Canyon and discovered more Egyptian Tunnel Cities. I estimate in my Report that I think that upwards of 50,000 Egyptians had inhabited the Grand Canyon at one time.

This Shrine in Powells Cave was identified as a Shrine for Seteprene sometimes spelled Smenkhare Seti or Smenkare.

King Seteprene was King Akhenaten’s Son that began his Rule at Saqqara, Shemau  in 1336 BC but only lasted 10 Years which was when he died on his last trip from the Grand Canyon to Saqqara Egypt. King Seteprene  recorded bringing it.  This may be the reason that his Shrine was not ever covered with a hammered Gold Sheet of thin Gold. However this Shrine was likely built by his Buddhist followers from?

The Egyptian Urnes found in Powell’s Cave in the Grand Canyon are now on display at the Smithsonian Institute at Washington DC.

This Diagram was a important discovery for the Smithsonian Archeologist who were exploring the Powell’s Tunnel in the Grand Canyon.
This is a Diagram for Egyptian Writing System when the Ancient Egyptians came to the Grand Canyon. It was a School Tablet used for teaching Egyptian Children to Read and Write. The Animal and Bird Symbols were used to describe the Ranks of the Kings on the Egyptian Hieroglyphs carved into the Cliff Walls of the Grand Canyon. It is interesting to note the Rectangle Box on the top 2nd Row from the left is the Hebrew Ark of the Covenants symbol.
And then lower in the same Row is the Box without a bottom which was the Hebrew Son of the Right Hand symbol.
When the Egyptians came to the Grand Canyon around 1700 BC they begain building Tunnel Cities in the Vermillion Cliff Walls into the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

The Egyptians first selected overhangs that had Balconies so the Kings could walk to edge of the Plateau Balconies and look at the Farming and Mining that was located at lower levels of the Grand Canyon.
The Egyptian Kings had their Egyptian Hieroglyphic Symbols and other Hieroglyphic Symbols on the Canyon Walls around their Tunnel Cities and on the Grand Canyon Cliff Walls. The Kiabab Plataeu is around 8,000 feet above the present flow of the Colorado River in the Grand Grand Canyon.
These Cliff Walls were the Top Cliff Walls that were above the large Kiabab Plataeu of the Grand Canyon. All of the Egyptian Temples are are on the North side of the Grand Canyon also.
The Kiabab Plateau of the Grand Canyon. In Areas of the Plateau Water slowly seeps into the open Grass Meadow Lands  to keep the Fertile Soil Moist. We have estimated that it would be easy to Grow enough Food in the Moist Grass Lands to feed at least 500,000 People. The estimate for the Number of Egyptians that were in the Grand Canyon was 10,000 People. It is likely that whatever extra Food that was grown in the Kiabab Plateau was exported to Egypt.

The Walhalla Ruins.   These Ruins in the Kaibab Plataeu of the Grand Canyon are being Excavated. Because of the Plundering of Artifacts even by Smithsonian Archeologist, FBI Agents attend Excavating Teams in the Grand Canyon  and now at all Sites in the United States.
Grand Canyon National Park was named an official National Park in 1919.

The National Park Service has a Policy of preserving the History of Native American Indians when establishing Parks. They lived on the North Kiabab Rim of the Grand Canyon where the Egyptian Pyramids are located.
And they knew the names of the Egyptian Pyramid Temple names that are located under the North Kiabab Rim of the Grand Canyon. The Hopi Indians have a God named Taawa. He has a Man’s Face that smiles all of the time and has a good Heart. The Hopi Indians still use a large number of original Egyptian words in their Language.
Seth Tanner a Morman who lived in the Grand Canyon with the Hopi Indians was the translator to The National Park Service Researchers for the Hopi Indians. He had two Hopi Indian wives. He said the Hopi Indians were Morman Christians that called themselves the People of One Heart. He was their Pastor and was also a Farmer.

The Tower of Set, actualy the ( Seteprene ) Pryamid was named by the Hopi Indians. The Tower of Set, was be built in the Grand Canyon as a burial Tomb for King Seteprene that came to the Grand Canyon. But King Seteprene died on a Trip back to Shemau. All of the Egyptian Hiegroglyphs have eroded off of the Pyramid. The Set Pyramid has Rectangle Shape similar to the first Pyramids in Egypt.

Zoroaster Temple in the Grand Canyon was named by Hopi Indians.

 [ The Egyptian legend for Zoroaster. ]

Zoroaster was in Egypt when times were hard and Egypt had become a Poor Nation. But Zoroasters first name had been ( Joseph ) because he had a God that was higher in the Heavens than their Sun God named Ra that knew what the  dream meant. He built a big Boat that had Wings (Sails) that would carry many People and found more Grain and Gold for the Egyptians. When he came back to Egypt in his Boat loaded with Gold, Grain, the Pharaoh made him the Ruler of Egypt and renamed Joseph to King Zoroaster And Pharoah was like a Father to King Zoroaster.
The Smithsonian Archaelogist think that that this unfinished Egyptian Pyramid in the Grand Canyon is a burial Tomb because there is a  entrance Tunnel that is blocked a few feet inside the Pyramid. But the National Park Service will not allow the Archeologist to excavate any of the Pyramids in the Grand Canyon.
One of Crips was opened in the Grand Canyon to see if there were Mummies in them before they were sent to the Smithsonian Institute Storage Building.