Lavrov to Pompeo – Free Maria Butina arrested on fabricated spy charges

It is very interesting to see how the so-called super power U.S.A acts with other Countries. They feel free to commit every imaginable offence against any and all Sovereign Countries, then yell bloody murder when any of those Countries dare to assert their Sovereign Rights. Now that others are giving them “U.S.A” the up-right middle […]

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Media silent as Pacific powers prepare for showdown with China

It seems there is no war that the USA and its so-called Allies want to avoid. They keep pushing to contain China and India, while claiming that others (China and India) are militarizing and they (U.S and Allies) are Peaceful. When have the allied forces been peaceful since 1885? Never. “New Zealand’s national security remains […]

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1492-The last muslim kingdom of Al-Andalus falls.

The other Reconstruction Story from and for the Modern Albion Hybrids who were trained to conquer and take what was not theirs by any means necessary. What is not shown in the story are: Christian Churches are Stealth Arms of The Vatican European Inquisition Operations Of The World. You think different, you are food, Period. […]

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Chinese HNA Group chairman falls to his death after posing for photo in France.

Interesting times, 3 major business stake-holders either suffered Fatal Accidents or Suspicious incidents that have long tails. 1. Headline story. 2: Canadian billionaire couple die in suspicious way, bodies found ‘hanging side by side next to pool’ 3: READ MORE: Rupert Murdoch ‘housebound’ after Caribbean sailing accident Published time: 4 Jul, 2018 19:15 Get short […]

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Burst water main floods Philadelphia’s historic Center City (VIDEO)

So very interesting how these so-called accidents occur conveniently to try to hide the Return of The Ancient Ones. No worries, it is not possible to hide the massive evidence now coming through, and The Time for restitution and Renewal of World Affairs has come. Philadelphus , Capital of The Continental North American “Moorish Empire”.  […]

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