Ambulance-chasing Texas lawmaker celebrates midterm win from jail.

***Revealing*** This sort of thing is routine practice for All the European Albion Colonizers daily. But of course no need to address that, since the idea is to try to claim they are clean and honest, while un-conscious Moors, aka so-called Blacks are held to redicule and shaming for the same thing. How many Pale […]

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Mike Pence needs a history lesson on the Korean War.

It is easy to see why control of news and information outlets to the public are so sacred to so called Democratic Governance aka Demo Mass Mind Control. This is the main reason no story can be vetted as true, before getting both or all sides as clearly told as possible. By Li Youlong (CRI Online)    09:21, […]

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Migrants who throw rocks will be arrested, not shot – Trump.

***These U.S Colonial people are no friends of Truth***Venezuela poses no actual threat to the US, though you’d be forgiven for thinking it did to hear Bolton’s speech. U.S administration claims leaders in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras blame Maduro’s government for organizing and financing the migrant caravans currently creeping toward the US border. Meanwhile, […]

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Kanye West designs shirts urging ‘Blexit’ from Democratic Party

My Commentary on the comments.The comments are pretty lame for the most part. People are really so deeply indoctrinated they refuse to think critically. Several points to note:1. We are not all Americans, do the Paper bag or copper penny test. Those Pale (Bleached, Blec, Bleak, Real black) Colonial People in control are All Modern […]

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Trump to Withdraw U.S. From Postal Treaty, Squeezing China.

1 / 2Trump to Withdraw U.S. From Postal Treaty, Squeezing China Justin Sink and Alyza Sebenius, Bloomberg•October 17, 2018 Moorish Science Rules The World A-Gain. European Colonizers it is time to Re-Turn Our Moorish American Birth-Rights NOW. The way these Albions (European Colonizers) Lie and Twist Stories is Interesting. Since the U.S Corporation has been […]

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