No president since Lincoln treated worse than me – Trump.

An other signal of exactly what is going on behind the smoke and mirrors wall. The last De-jure Corporate President “Abraham Lincoln”, was assassinated for stopping the Kingship Oligarchy fully taking over in 1861. Now the last de-facto Corporate President, is invoking the Spirit of Abraham Lincoln to finish off the Oligarchy. Yes, the Covert […]

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$8k a liter – Strange new startup harvests young blood to sell to the rich.

Now study the statistics (how they harvest young Blood) to find where “Most of the Missing” or murdered Young Ab-original Americans are “Taken”. The Vampires are coming out into the open, as they try to normalize their centuries old human-kind Cannibalistic feeding customs. This custom will need a few silver stakes driven directly into it’s […]

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This sh*t is crazy’: Rapper Cardi B explains US government shutdown.

Can you handle the Truth? this Border Wall shut down is the proverbial Sleigh of Hand “Shell Game”. The Real Constitutionally Chosen Government, has been “shut down” since the year-1861 to Now 2019. But none of the darn Liars will confess Yet. Before it ends, they will come clean though. El Hajj Sharif Abdul Ali […]

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WikiLeaks exposes US embassies stockpiling spy gear.

While The US Accuses Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, North Korea and others of what they ” US” do Daily as common practice. Is that like point one finger at others, while 3 of your own fingers point back at You???. Published time: 22 Dec, 2018 05:03 Get short URL FILE PHOTO: US embassy in Berlin, […]

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