Ganging up on Beijing? Five Eyes intel network now looks at China.

It is a most interesting revelation to see West European Colonial Spies complaining about being spied on. The so-called Western Powers keep spying and meddling in every other countries internal affairs. Yet they are the ones shouting and pointing at other Countries Governments, accusing them of Spying Meddling and Economic Espionage. Orwellian double-speak aka Animal […]

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Caspian deal an antidote to Washington’s bully boy tactics.

As usual, while the rest of the world works for Comity and Sharing with each other, the Colonial “former Powers” using Tricknology, try to make war or impose their stinky politics on The Nations of The World. It appears that these modern Western European Hybrid Albions (for the most part) are like an incurable dis-ease […]

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British intelligence planning fake chemical attack in Syria – US Senator.

These Western Criminal Oligarchies (called Democracies) keep attacking Legitimate Elected Republic Governments. Why do they do this? because the only way they can stay in  power is to declare all Law-full Governments and Peoples as their enemies, then proceed to make war on them. Control of the so-called free Press and all information streams is […]

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