Pompeo says US tried & failed to unite Venezuelan opposition in leaked audio

The Real Ab-Original American People are held as Prisoners of War since the 1800s up to here “right Now”. They are miss-named Black, Negro, African-American Colored, Latino, Puerto-Rican, Mayan Etc and have been robbed of all Rights, Titles and Heriditaments, by Modern European Colonists and Inquisitionists “Christian and some Muslims”. All other so-called whites, Modern […]

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1492-The last muslim kingdom of Al-Andalus falls.

The other Reconstruction Story from and for the Modern Albion Hybrids who were trained to conquer and take what was not theirs by any means necessary. What is not shown in the story are: Christian Churches are Stealth Arms of The Vatican European Inquisition Operations Of The World. You think different, you are food, Period. […]

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Western media cover tracks of Trump, May and Macron’s war crime in Syria

Do the so-called Civilized Western European and U.S Powers (Dressed up Gangs) even care about Truth? Not based on what is being bandied about. They keep accusing others Countries and their Law-fully Elected Leaders, of Exactly the Crimes they are “Currently Committing”, in the name of Democracy. Said Democracy is really Mob-ocracy or Un-Law-Full rule […]

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Putin: New US national security strategy is offensive & aggressive, Russia must take note

Washington’s new national security strategy is “aggressive,” Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, adding that Moscow will take the US stance into consideration. Both the US and NATO have been “accelerating build-up of infrastructure in Europe,” the Russian leader said Friday. Referring to the “defense strategy recently put out” by Washington, Putin said it was […]

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Pope says Christians must revitalize Europe amid ‘dramatic sterility

Alignment In Spirit Inc Published by Geo-RaMur Aqua El · October 29 · Blame it on 2 World Wars he says and other causes, any thing but the Truth. Even though the over-whelming majority of People Killed then, were not Modern Europeans, but rather Aboriginal Peoples World-wide. This Pope Story re: Modern European Sterility is […]

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Lost castle discovered submerged in giant Turkish lake.

More of the hidden past is being uncovered daily now. What has been presented as ruins of past ages are re-surfacing to tell the story of wanton de-struction and whole-sale altering of “so-called His-story” as told from the Modern European Perspective. Belief in any of the current main-line re-telling of The Story by Academia, Governments […]

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