The Secret And Forbidden History Of The People Of Mexican, "Central American" , And "Native American" Descent by: Olin Tezcatlipoca

The images of people below, show the Original “we the people” from whom all the nations descend. Thus when the Moors a gain stand up, all the Nations of Earth (Aisha-Asia) will a gain be Blissed. Book of Genesis (Genetics) People of Anahuac:Mexicans, “Central Americans”, “Native Americans”, and “First Nation People” We Mexicans and […]

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Pompeo says US tried & failed to unite Venezuelan opposition in leaked audio

The Real Ab-Original American People are held as Prisoners of War since the 1800s up to here “right Now”. They are miss-named Black, Negro, African-American Colored, Latino, Puerto-Rican, Mayan Etc and have been robbed of all Rights, Titles and Heriditaments, by Modern European Colonists and Inquisitionists “Christian and some Muslims”. All other so-called whites, Modern […]

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White House authorizes border troops to use lethal force – report.

There is Fake News and there is shaped Dis-information called News. This “Headline” is Shaped Dis-information. Note: ***The “cabinet order” was not signed by President Trump, but by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly*** that is a Criminal Act and Un-Constitutional. Know that: This Land is Al Moroc America Amaruka Amexem North-Africa Maghrib Al […]

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