The Secret And Forbidden History Of The People Of Mexican, "Central American" , And "Native American" Descent by: Olin Tezcatlipoca

The images of people below, show the Original “we the people” from whom all the nations descend. Thus when the Moors a gain stand up, all the Nations of Earth (Aisha-Asia) will a gain be Blissed.

Book of Genesis (Genetics)

People of Anahuac:
Mexicans, “Central Americans”, “Native Americans”, and “First Nation People” We Mexicans and “Central Americans” Need To Understand That We Are Nican Tlaca (Indigenous People Who Are Full-bloods And Mixed-bloods). The Rest Of Our Nican Tlaca People (“Native Americans” and “First Nation People” ) Need To Embrace All Of Our Nican Tlaca Brothers And Sisters As Equals, No Matter What Language We Speak Or On What Side Of The Colonial Borders Of Our Continent We Reside In.

Original Moor Olmec Olmec begin Civilization Ancient Space Travel
This Book Will Teach You Why We Are One People And Why Our True Identity And United History Has Been Kept Secret And Forbidden In this book is the secret and forbidden history of our people. The contents of this book will end the ignorance that exists about our true history. It will present our history in our interests, not in the interests of Europeans. It will clarify our true Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) identity and our collective ownership of this whole continent.

Read this well, with your liberated mind, Nican Tlaca heart, and an imagination strong enough to see our people waking and liberating themselves out of this European-made hell that we are forced to exist in. This is our land and our continent, this is not property of the Europeans or their descendants. Not one inch of this continent belongs to Europeans, no matter what lies or distortions of ownership they may present. European squatters are today stealing not just our land, they are stealing the wealth of our oil, our forests, our farmland and all of our other resources. They are also stealing our honor, our dignity, and our sense of being one Anahuac independent nation. We have a human right to exist as a people who are independent from European control of our lives, our continent, and our wealth.