Noble "drew ali" our prophet received from the nations of America in 1928 the mandate recognizing the Moors claim to the Americas.

What is Your Nationality? *moorish american* be your-self.

Now is the Time to Pro-claim your “real moorish american” nationality. Ask questions and read, then get your stuff together, you are moorish american nationals, not Refugees from any where. All copper colored peoples from North Central South America, ad-joining caribbean and pacific islands “americana” are Moorish American Nationals. Do not buy the story that you came here on a Ship from Africa. Educate your Self and Correct your Status.

Stop waiting for Permission from de-facto GOVERNMENT, Pro-claim your moorish nationality 🇲🇦️👁️‍🗨️🇲🇦️ by Newspaper or through using The Postal System to certify the records you enter. When County CLERKS refuse your Filing, they are acting Un-Constitutionally and un-law-fully. Your moorish nationality Proclamation needs no permission, you are informing “all and sundry” that you have corrected your “national and divine status”.

In 1928, Noble Drew Ali attended the Pan-American Conference in Havana, Cuba. At said conference, our Prophet received from the nations of America the mandate recognizing the Moors’ claim to the Americas, and simultaneously, the expiration of the European mandate to occupy Moorish lands in the Western Hemisphere. The issuance and invocation of this Official Proclamation of Real Moorish American Nationality serves as constructive notice to the nations of the world: The Moors are back.

Proclamations of the original Moors of Amexem has been filed at the Library of Congress and Noticed to Congress and Constituents of the United States of America. We “the people” are out of Interregnum. We have our own charter/ allodial schedule and laws, when violated you and your organization shall be charged pursuant to our original pro-claim-at-ions and charter. All things moving in commerce are subject to “we the people”, original moors. All business, entities, organizations operating on our land shall pay ‘sovereign soil tax’, pursuant to our original pro-claim-at-ions and charter.