This death cult is Uncle Sam’s choice of ‘good guys’ to replace Iran’s clerics.

Why do all the so-called freedom fighters that The U.S.A Military Corporation force on Free Countries, the very worst solution for The Nationals of said Countries???. The War-Mongers are all-ways bombing or planning how to bomb Civilians, this is Mass Genocide called Peace-keeping, go figure it out.

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This death cult is Uncle Sam’s choice of ‘good guys’ to replace Iran’s clerics

Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) supporters rally in front of the White House. ©Reuters / Jonathan Ernst.

Everybody knows Washington wants to get rid of people currently in power in Iran. But who is the better alternative to mullahs? Some top US officials say it’s this death cult hated by pretty much everyone in Iran.

Meet People’s Mujahedin of Iran, also known as the MEK, whose recent gatherings were graced by the likes of Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton and the US president’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Quite a guest list for an organization that started as an Iranian Marxist-Leninist armed group trying to oust the US-backed shah along with the Ayatollah. Read more

US national security adviser John Bolton © Ronen Zvulun

‘Other things’ in Iran? Bolton says regime change ‘not US policy,’ but has more tricks up his sleeve

After falling out with the new government in Iran, the MEK started a campaign of bombing and assassinations of loyalist officials. Then they got kicked out of the country and found refuge in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. During the war between the two countries, they fought against their own countrymen. More recently, MEK members were helping Israeli intelligence assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists. So, you may guess how big of a supporter base they have in Iran now.

As the MEK’s supply of fresh recruits dwindled, it transformed into a bona fide cult centered around its charismatic leader Massoud Rajavi and his wife Maryam. Members were forced to observe celibacy, divorce spouses and cut all contacts with family. Would-be troublemakers or potential escapees were subjected to beatings, outright torture and disappearances.

Enter US troops – and the MEK gets revitalized with new combat training, protection and the privilege of not being on the US’ terrorists list, thank to Hillary Clinton’s State Department. Their past sins against Americans whitewashed, they are now treated by Washington as a legitimate group and pretty much the only viable replacement for the Iranian government.

Across the political aisle, US politicians put more money in their coffers – which conveniently allows MEK fake popularity by hiring crowds of bored spectators to attend their events.

Watch the FULL REPORT by Rania Khalek on MEK and how it fits Washington’s plan to squeeze and strangle Tehran no matter the costs for Iranians.

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