Original Name for All These: United States is “Societas Republicae Ea Al Maurikanos” in The Family of Nations.

Do you really know any of Your True Her-Story, or are you repeating your indoctrinated His-Story??? Indigenous Native American Moors “aka” AI Moroccans are Attached to The Land By Birth-Right, Heritage and Right of Primo Geniture.  North-Central-South America and All The American Nation – States of the Southwestern hemisphere certainly, and undeniably, constitute America! Americans […]

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North America bid wins FIFA World Cup 2026 hosting rights

This story was modified by me to tell the whole story being cleverly hidden here. Amexem is “Al Moroc – Societas Republicae Ea Al Maurikanos”. The Story is that North America Won The 2026 World Cup Bid over Morocco. The True Story is That The Re-assembling Moroccan-Al-Morocan-Amexem Empire is really the Winner of The Bid […]

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US fingerprints again all over Nicaragua’s bloody unrest Now.

William Whiteman is an award-winning British war correspondent and political commentator, currently working for teleSUR English in South America. Published time: 4 Jun, 2018 23:25 Edited time: 5 Jun, 2018 09:50 Get short URL Protest against Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega’s government in Managua, Nicaragua May 30, 2018 © Oswaldo Rivas / Reuters The student-led anti-government […]

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