His-Story” has been conjured up by “Controller types of Mankind

“His-Story” has been conjured up by “Controller types of Mankind” to get to this point in “The Story”, where they hoped all of Humanity would be Mind-numbed aka Comatose. Well, while a lot people are that way, many are all-so going about the business of placing the duality of The Selves, in its proper context and working to up-lift them-self, which is in fact how The rest of Fallen Humanity gets Up-lifted too. When you get the information that is being passed to you, be aware it is not all Literal or Allegorical and even the literal parts are mixed with allegory. “research Allegory please”

The World is Upside Down in Our Minds.

Inner-stand that if you were an A ++ Student and Graduate of the current Education – Indoctrination System, you are the one that most need to do the research Now. That will mean ditching most every thing you have learned from Teachers and Professors who have mostly been either willingly and deliberately lying to you to keep you blinded mentally. Or they were already blinded them-self while being taught to lead with repetition and memorizing of use-less data for You, that are programming methods for the “Mind-Raper Mind-Ripper Controllers. Brings to mind a well known but often miss-used admonition: “Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch”.

Oh oh, what is that in the road ahead, A ditch?.


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