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Alignment In Spirit what's in It for You? 
*Self Empowerment Principles Of Awareness*.

These Teachings about Bio Spiritual Self Help Healing and Self Empowerment Principles Of Awareness to Live Huge Now, are neither a New or Old Religion. Rather they are just keys to Re-Awakening the Organic Inner You, to what you have forgotten about your True Being. With this Re-newed knowledge you will be able to see and know clearly, why you perform certain acts and believe certain things in just the way you do. Please keep an open Mind as you get the first little *aha* moments of Re-membering and then you will rapidly begin to un-ravel the mystery to all the questions that seem to be always Lurking just out of Perceptual Range in your Conscious Mind. These questions are not out of Conscious Perceptual Range by chance, we are running so many programs (like a Computer) that we are totally un-aware of most times. The main purpose of these programs are to keep us locked in (the Little me Box) and by doing so, we forget how to *Live Huge Now*. By remembering your Self Empowerment Principles, the misaligned programs can be corrected and realigned rapidly.

Alignment In Spirit™ A.I.S Healing the Bio Spiritual Anatomy process via Intuitive Bio Spiritual Self Help Healing facilitation and Multi-Dimensional Energy Realigning to Empower you in Healing Yourself to Live Huge Now. This process is designed specifically as The Bio Spiritual Self Empowerment Principles Program that combines your Intuitive Knowing and Multi Dimensional Energy Realigning to identify and Realign barriers to Living a Joy Full Meaning Full Life.

What is God Source 1st Eternal (1st Creation Mechanics?)
The recognition that we are all of what Creates Worlds with every breath we take.  Each particle in our body holds the wisdom of the ages within it for we are so much more than our intellect tells us.  We are Individuated and Collective but Infinitely Duplicable, each aspect strengthens the other.  We are by nature self-sustaining perpetually renewing Life Force.  1st Creation Creates based on the Kryst code of “Light/ Sound/ ONE” or “Point of Unity” Trinity that perpetually renews itself. The Krystal Spiral is an example of this Technology.


What is 2nd Creation Mechanics?
We have created a perceived finite depleted light existence of not being ONE (Individuated), to step out of our comfort zone to explore the contrast that constructed reality brings.   2nd Creation Technology is created by sleight of hand manipulating of light ie. Removing certain frequency bands and misdirecting energy flows.  2nd Creation Programs sustain their perceived life by how well the 1st Creation / Kryst envisions it.  The Tube Torus and the Fibonacci Spiral are examples of this 2nd Creation technology.

One purpose of Alignment In Spirit is to help us all remember our Individuated (Not Divisible or Frangible) Eternal Being. While we experience the contrast of the sleight of hand of the 2nd Creation construct we are not that, just riding it.  We are God Source 1st Eternal and WE ARE IT.  We have been allowing 2nd Creation programs to run the show for a very long time.  The only power it (2nd Creation) ever has is the power we give it by our own choice, to not take responsibility for our Creations and forgetting who we are.

The Being In Alignment Self Empowerment Principles of Awareness Webinar Series specifically define who we are as God Source 1st Eternal and the role 2nd Creation Mechanics has played in us not expressing who we are. Each Webinar takes us deeper into the Rabbit hole, where reality is hidden.

Being in Alignment does not mean conforming to any religion or organization’s Rule on how to live a happy successful life. It means Self Empowerment by You keeping the focus of waking up, on who You are as a Spiritual Being Living in a Bio Spiritual Anatomy. This path takes you back to your playful innocence of knowing without Fear or Guilt. It takes you back to that inner child that you lost contact with somewhere in process of growing up.

Do not become attached to living the “Right Way”. Live from the Core of your Eternal Internal Expression to be In Alignment with your Outer Self Expression. In other words Be the Self Healing Empowerment Of Being that You Are.  Do not let others determine or shape who and what you are. Take all of what you have re-remembered today, of who you are and keep re-discovering through Self Exploration, deeper levels of your own Individuated expression of the All-Oneness that you Are, to Live Huge Now.

A variety of resources are utilized in the making of the webinars, some of the work is taken from Keylontic Science, a branch of The Science of Vibrational Mechanics, presented by E’asha Ashayana of ARhayas Productions (Formerly Azurite Press).

Alignment In Spirit, is continually evolving to incorporate Practical techniques of The Self Empowerment Principles of Awareness to *Live Huge Now* expressing as the God Source 1st Eternal.

The Science of Neuro-Plasticity (Of the Brain) is now validating many more of the concepts and methodologies discussed in our classes. See: (The Brain That Changes Itself) by Norman Doidge and (The Answer) by John Asseraf.

Alignment in Spirit™ Bio-Spiritual Anatomy Self Empowerment Principles of Awareness Healing program is still a Concept (Public 3D Science is now quickly catching on) and is not intended as a means of replacing clinical diagnosis or to replace medical care. It Is intended as Self Empowerment. No claims are made as to the curative effects of this program. The client has responsibility for any and all effects of the session, as the Coaches serves only to stimulate one’s own innate powers of self empowerment healing and re-aligning of Energies of The Personal Bio Spiritual Anatomy.

Discover your place on beautiful Sanctuary Island. Life is an adventure that you create through the reality you live around you.  Align yourself with the Spirit that you embody expanding fully into it.