Introduction to Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment Seminars and Sessions

Taking New Thought to the Next Logical Step with

Self-Empowerment In Unity to Live Aurora Ascension Earth Now

The Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment Seminar: Re-Embody The Essence starting March 2020

Alignment In Spirit Inc. is ever-evolving and growing as Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah expands in her awakening as the God Source 1st Eternal that she Be. The evolution of Humanity’s Soul that we each are an intricate part of is not a degree that you receive or something you attain. The Evolution of the soul is an ever-evolving expanding process as we all are as strong as our weakest link.

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Introducing Being AIS Services

Thank you for checking us out and please subscribe to receive your Free Ebook “Being In Alignment – Be the God Source 1st Eternal You Be”. This is a powerful foundational work that defines who we are as The All That Is and why we have not been expressing as who we are and some steps to begin lining up to who you Authentically are. If you are a Sether, Aber or KSer, than you will really benefit hugely from this Ebook. Also please take a look at our new Harmonizing Journey To Re-Alignment (HJR) Session that

 takes you back to the free spontaneous self-expression you had as a child. Katie O’ She Wha’ Nitah’s greatest gift is her ability to safely connect with others to navigate their way through the inner passageways of “Mind”.

 This session is geared especially for those who have never felt like they completely belonged here on Earth. Where once again you feel at home as you re-aligning the Neural Network Pathways of “Mind” to express as your true Authentic Self.

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Master Class Being In Alignment In Spirit Q and A

This is a great video to learn more about Being In Alignment In Spirit and my Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment Sessions in discovering who your authentic self is as the All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ay’a Ah-yah!

Thanks for tuning in and please take advantage of my HJR Coupon for the month of Nov.

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah,

President/Co-Founder & Facilitator of Alignment In Spirit Inc.

Taking New Thought To The Next Logical Step with Harmonizing Journey To Re-Alignment & Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness to Live Huge Now

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The containment vessel

We live as a containment vessel

We keep very strict boarders of what is right and what is not.

We form the colors of the breeze that floats through our hair on the Eve of our birth.

What birth do you say?

The Birth of The Eternal Now!

By Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah, Alternative Hipnotherapy Facilitator

Explore and expand the depths of your Authentic Eternal Source Expression. Sign up for my Free online Master Class Being In Alignment In Spirit Monthly Q & A Sat Nov 2nd at 12 PM EST (New York) / 5 PM UTC (Europe) via my Alignment In Spirit YouTube Channel. You will receive free Ebook “Being In Alignment Be The God Source First Eternal You Be” for the class and link to watch previous classes.

Please also check out my Being AIS Reality Check Sessions in the same link. We will have plenty of questions for discussion making for an exciting, fun awake and aware time.
You will also have access to bi-weekly 30-minute class recordings and as guided Being AIS Reality Check recorded Sessions to be posted on Alignment In Spirit YouTube Channel and Being AIS Services Facebook Page starting in Nov 2019.

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Being A.I.S. Services Free Master Class Being In Alignment In Spirit every Wed Starting March 6 @ 8 PM EST. If you are interested, then please Signup Now to Receive Your Free Ebook Copy of “Being In Alignment Be the God Source 1st Eternal You Be” that is the foundation for this class. There is a paperback version available for those interested for $7 shipping included.

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Sethers, Abers, and KSers this is right up your alley in delving deeper into who we are as Creators Taking New Thought to The Next Logical Step. These 40 minute weekly Webinar classes will address such topics such as:

1. What is Being In Alignment In Spirit?

2. Who or what really is “God”?

3. What is “God” in relation to 1st and 2nd Creation Mechanics?

4. Why are we not expressing as IT and

5. The Four Steps towards living in Alignment In Spirit.

What is Being in Alignment In Spirit (AIS)?

Being in Alignment does not mean conforming to any religion or organization’s Rules on how to live a happy successful life or how to make it to “Heaven”. It means keeping the focus of waking up, to whom we are as Bio-Spiritual Beings Living in a Bio-Spiritual Multidimensional Universe. Being in Alignment in Spirit takes us back to our playful innocence of knowing without Fear or Guilt. (AIS) is a map or Guide that we can use to take us wherever we want to go through the Neural Network Pathways of Mind.

Who are we really in relation to our Self, the Universe and God/Oneness/God Source?

What is a God Source First Eternal Being?

What would that have to do with you living a full happy,

prosperous and joyful life?


Please follow link for more information about the Practitioner, Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah and Being A.I.S. Services.

Also please check out our New Harmonizing Journey To Re-Alignment Sessions and Literature.

I look Forward to Connecting Soon. Much LUV and Peace, Katie O’ She Wha’ Nitah, AIS

Where are we with New Earth Now? In Living in Integrity an AIS Reality Check

What does living in integrity really mean? Most religious dogma would have you think it means being obligated to live a Moral life by living narrow rules of conduct a list of do’s and don’ts.  These Morals can give us guideposts of the right manners of behavior towards or in the presence of others. This would include methods, ways, appearances, and bearing. The root PIE is man hand which would be the conduct that guides man’s hand.

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The Power of Positioning: Taking New Thought to The Next Logical Step

We learn in yoga how each posture brings about healing and enlightenment. The reason for this is each position holds our attention directing the life force energy to manifest through the body in a particular way.  The tilt of the head, the lifting of the arm, the angle of the back and the stance of the legs all guide one’s at-tent-ion.

This is also true as we live our daily life in how are we positioning our head which helps to guide our eyes. Is our back straight and feet grounded into the Earth? So that our Central Vertical current is running the Kundalini and higher currents through the whole body system for healing, rejuvenation, and creativity of thought. The Brain is more than just in our heads. The Brain is a system of neural network pathways that run throughout our spines and connects our arms and legs and organs of the body.

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What Does It Really Mean to Be Petty? Taking New Thought to the Next Logical Step To Live Hug Now

Lately, we have been re-membering that we are the power that creates Worlds. That power flows and enlivens and continually creates every cell of our Being of all the dimensional levels in the Ever Spacious Now Moment of who we are as the All That Is God Source 1st Eternal All’ah Ah-yah Ay’a (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT).

So What are we each creating? We are Eternal Beings so its fun to experience the little things in life as we master new self-expression. But do we want to keep focusing on little things that are creating little meaningless narrow focus small-minded realities? Realities that wrap us up in Finite 2nd Creation Reality Thought Bubbles?

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Multi-Cultural Community Building to be Your Authentic Bio-Spiritual Self A Being A.I.S. Reality Check

“Society was created to define the quality of life based on a few members’ ideas of what “they had thought was going to make them feel good”. They thought by controlling what others did then their World would be safe, good, rich, and powerful and the list could go on of possibilities. City Charters many times gives us some idea of what the founders had in mind. These few had set up rules and regulations that eventually became norms and values. These Norms and Values become so in-doctrinated that we have groups either by blood or by commitment that maintain the control.”(“Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One”, by Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah & Geo-RaMur Aqua El, page 24)

The United States Republic Constitution was established by a certain group of individuals in the hopes of ending many hundreds of years of fighting between different ethnic Groups or family of Nations all over the World to come to live by Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice for all Mankind. 

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