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    Novel – My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion – My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

    Chapter 208 – : Scaring The Eighth Prince To Death With One Punch jaded discovery

    The ice spear in their own palm and Ao Man’s halberd that was about to pierce via the demoness have been all shattered.


    “The Dragon Competition is cooperating with the Demon Competition?” Jiang Lan glanced at Ao Man and required inside a lower tone of voice.

    He desired to eliminate the other event first.

    Then, he grabbed his halberd and introduced his strongest counterattack.

    His sturdiness was faltering.

    Each of them have been perfected Our Immortals.

    The five Man Immortals failed to hesitate. Flames showed up one of them plus the land surface beneath their toes improved condition. Equipment and lighting shone using their wings.

    Ao Gentleman made an effort to getaway, nevertheless it was already far too late, he will no longer acquired any feelings of dodging.

    “Human, we have been only pa.s.sing out through this spot. I really hope it is possible to provide us with some deal with. We are going to definitely prize you heavily.” A male with a longer sword spoke.

    It would have to be him.

    The blazing fireplace was directly repelled.

    He turned up in front of the demoness right away and his awesome halberd smacked out. Even so, the demoness had not been hesitant in any respect. Her ice spear appeared as she made an effort to change injuries for harm.

    They simply essential to stall for a long time.

    A horrifying electrical power started to spike toward the 5 of which.

    The subsequent time, Jiang Lan looked at the bear and stated inside a small speech.

    Having said that, it wasn’t almost like they didn’t have Genuine Immortals.

    He casually wiped out a demon when he shattered the obstacle, but he didn’t attention considerably over it.

    Then, he grabbed his halberd and unveiled his most robust counterattack.

    This obstacle had not been that strong, nonetheless it was rather obscured.

    Little Alice’s Palace

    Severe weather howled.

    He sensed the fact that other party’s deal with was relax, but while doing so, it appeared like there are no sensations on his experience.

    However, no matter if he could return full of life all things considered, he didn’t contemplate it. It was subsequently too far.


    The potent influence created him crash to the shield. A dreary sound rang out, but it surely failed to result in any destruction of the shield.

    “Human, we have been only pa.s.sing with that area. I hope you could give us some deal with. We will definitely pay back you highly.” A masculine that has a extended sword spoke.


    “He has remaining initially.”

    Jiang Lan retracted his gaze and overlooked Ao Mankind. It was decent too.

    Hurricanes howled.


    Concerning Ao Guy, he had already charged away from the encirclement. There had been a lot of traumas on his human body, and also the dragon scales on his waist possessed already been shattered.

    Ao Male crushed the spear using a solo chew. Another time, he brandished his halberd inside a wager to get rid of the inbound Our Immortal.

    At this moment, his eyes were definitely stuffed with worry. Just now, he got viewed a fist appear.

    Prose Fancies

    At this point, the only fist stole everyone’s recognition. It was subsequently almost like this fist acquired filled the full world.

    This has been the past sound he observed.

    Then, he had taken a step ahead, planning to take action.