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    My Photobags is a photo management and sharing service. Photobags was designed to serve as a central repository for the entire Photobags content, including email, social network and RSS feeds, comments, albums, tags, reviews, blog posts, and favorites. Photobags users can search by category, year, tags, or any other input.

    My Photobags offers free downloads of photos. One way you can save money is to use Myphotobags in conjunction with Flickr. The Flickr software provides a means to link your Photobags account to your Flickr account.

    My Photobags is an attractive, user-friendly program. My Photobags itself is not a photo-management system; it simply lets users manage their Photobags content, rather than attempt to monitor every photo submitted by others. Instead, My Photobags facilitates the submission of your photos by enabling you to set up your Flickr account with a username and password that allow you to upload and manage your photos directly on My Photobags. You can add photos, create albums, add comments, and view a variety of categories from Myphotobags. Also, you can see your email address in your profile; any new photos will automatically appear in your inbox.