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    Like honey
    He picked up two beef with different parts and compared them He was looking at them when suddenly there was a cart beside him Looking sideways Li Weiyi followed Jiang Mi frowned This haunting did not find her trouble she still have the nerve to take the initiative to paste up “Miss Jiang came to buy vegetables” She asked with a smile Jiang Mi really did not want to talk to her closed his eyes as if he had not heard Li Weiyi smiled and said “I know you don’t think I deserve to talk to you but I still have something to say” Everyone is a woman why does Miss Jiang put on such a posture In the final analysis we are all the same you and Shao Ting together I and Nie Fang together trampling on others may be able to get a sense of speed but “Stop” Jiang Mi gave her a white look and couldn’t help it The more she listened the bigger her head got First I am different from you I don’t know how you are with Nie Fang and I have no extra interest But I can tell you clearly that Shao Ting and I are in love and we are in a normal love relationship This sentence is implicit but the meaning is clear enough She and Nie Fang are not equal relationship outsiders do not know she must know Take Warehouse storage racks that day in the private room to play cards Shao Ting will not take ginger honey as chips Nie Fang did And if Shao Ting really has the same behavior casual contempt Jiang Mi does not take Jiang Mi seriously Jiang Mi will definitely break him She will and she dares However when it comes to Li Weiyi and Nie Fang does Li Weiyi dare She was regarded by her man as something that could not be ridiculed casually on the table She just sat beside her without saying a word not even saying a word for herself Jiang Mi looked at Li Weiyi lightly and said “Second I hope you understand that I am different from you”
    We are far from being the same in our actions and in our conduct At least I won’t hurt people who are kind to me Regarding Li Weiyi’s matter Jiang Mi does not want to say anything more but also not completely does not mind-is this woman has hurt her man a pure sincere good heart Still have the nerve to be a demon here Face! Shao Ting supported her for many years What did she do At the thought of it Jiang Mi was very angry In the end I don’t think you don’t deserve to talk to me because I don’t want to have anything to do with you Please don’t impose your emotions and thoughts on me Please know that I have no interest in trampling on you Please stay away from me when you finish Thank you Say ginger honey no longer answer her continue to choose beef Li Weiyi was choked by her sudden cold and unhappy tone for a while but still did not go Does Miss Jiang have any misunderstanding about me “I have no misunderstanding about you” “If it’s because of what I said outside the bathroom that day Miss Jiang doesn’t have to do this in fact Narrow aisle rack Shao Ting and I really have nothing to do” Jiang Mi pinched the plastic box in her hand and pressed her thumb heavily on the beef under the plastic wrap Gave her face didn’t you The implicit words left room for her to think she was great didn’t she Still say this kind of ambiguous and misleading words! “Miss Li I think you may have a wrong understanding of yourself” Jiang Mi was really angry and sneered “If you have so much time to talk nonsense with me why don’t you return the money you owe my boyfriend first” Li Weiyi has a meal Jiang Mi glanced at her and said “I was there when you came to Shao’s house crying that day Before you left with the money in your arms you sat on the ground crying and said you would return the money to him You didn’t forget did you” Li Weiyi’s face changed and her voice dropped a little “This is about me and Shao Ting I will” Jiang Mi sniffed “To tell you the truth I thought Shao Ting had done too much at that time Now I look at you again I only hate myself for eating too fast and too clean at that time I ate all the noodles he made If there were any leftovers I think I might cover your face directly!” As if frightened by her deepening resentment Li Weiyi was stunned for a moment Can you not complain If she simply wanted to climb Shao Ting’s bed or Shao Ting’s ex-girlfriend to demonstrate Jiang Mi would not have such a heavy antipathy to her But in front of this person while receiving Shao Ting’s good intentions while hurting the soft and kind part of his heart
    Before Shao Ting grew up to be a mature man who was used to the world it was this woman who destroyed his goodwill to the world with her own nastiness! Recalling the dribs and drabs after he met Jiang Mi felt that it was not easy for him to be so normal to himself a member of the ordinary people in society and to act differently from Nie Fang who was disgusting and always kept a strong and gentle heart Just imagine a young man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth with sympathy extends a helping hand to the poor people in the other world but is regarded as a stepping stone to the big head of injustice All his good intentions are fed to the white-eyed wolf If he were an ordinary person he might be dark from now on He didn’t grow crooked and didn’t have serious psychological changes It’s really gratifying to be lucky Unspeakable disgust Jiang Mi could not help but hate her Miss Li if I were you I would be absolutely embarrassed to jump in front of Shao Ting again His support is really a simple task but that’s not the reason why you failed his good intentions Li Weiyi did not expect her to know this slightly dumb “you” “Yes Shao Ting told me what he should tell me” Is there anything ambiguous and misleading you want to say “I didn’t mean to hurt him I just” “No matter what you think it’s already like this and there’s no point in going on” Jiang Mi interrupted her “Shao Ting poured in front of you that glass of water has been very clear we are clear go to one side” Like him I don’t want to have too much to do with you I hope you don’t come up to say hello to me so naturally when you see me in the future which will affect your mood Li Weiyi froze for a few seconds and did not speak Shao Ting even said to pour water Jiang Mi saw that she finally closed her mouth and pushed the cart away with the meat she had bought Everything was almost picked out and when she saw that there was nothing wrong she went to pick out some fruit Shao Ting doesn’t like to eat too sweet things so she picked some sweet and sour ones When I bought the second fruit I met Qi Jiayan again