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    Airspeed Star Mark _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise
    “Luo Jia you have to believe me” said Tian Hen firmly “Although my dark power has not yet reached level 81 you should be able to feel it in your body My dark power now has 72 levels of strength plus the burning fire of life it should be able to upgrade a few levels Don’t forget I don’t only have the ability of dark power I also have the power of space With my current sixth stage of Cosmic Qi I can completely transform the power of space into the power of darkness and with the ability of Melis I am confident to revive you Luo Jia said “But brother you should know that the energy needed for resurrection is beyond your imagination You need to spend a lot of energy to rebuild my body With your present ability of cosmic Qi you can really achieve it But there are two basic conditions for my resurrection One is to inject the soul into the new body which will consume a lot of your mental strength” The other is also the most important When my soul wakes up in the Drive in racking system new body I immediately need to absorb huge dark powers to supplement the body otherwise the new body will easily collapse The dark powers I need to absorb are equivalent to the eighty-first level of ability One is not good It is easy to drain your body I can’t take this risk “Silly girl” said Tian Hen with a smile “don’t you understand the truth of seeking wealth in danger As long as you can fully restore your ability before sucking me dry then my power can be easily restored after a period of practice believe me I will make you come back to me successfully I have made up my mind
    You don’t have to persuade me Luo Jia understood that even if he said anything he could not change the decision of Tianhen at this time He sighed “Well I will fully cooperate with you However if you don’t have enough energy in the end you must give me up If you promise me this condition I will agree with you to help me revive” “All right” said Tian Hen happily “I’ll promise you” In order to make Luojia devote himself to the resurrection ceremony telling some white lies is nothing to him After listening to the words of the sky mark Luo Jia finally let go of his heart “Now your girlfriend’s soul called Xuemei is wrapped in my soul her soul is too weak we must find a suitable host in the future plus the huge fire power of her family can revive her you will be in the process of reviving me later input the soul” Don’t hurt her soul Let her unconscious soul stay in my new body for a while After a period of repairing her soul we will find a way to help her revive “With your soul sacrifice” said Tian Hen “there will be hope for Xuemei’s resurrection Let’s begin” The blue soul begins the process of merging with the black soul The sky mark sends a message to Melis asking her to accumulate energy and be ready to meet her at any time In the process of continuous fusion Tianhen and Luojia’s consciousness constantly flashed through each other’s memory fragments the feeling of soul unity made them deeply feel the deep love in each other’s hearts the dark blue soul gradually appeared Luojia’s memory has told Tianhen how to do it Inside the spire of the soul blue purple and unfeeling all looked nervously at the sky mark and Melise in the altar Previously when the black flame burning all over the sky mark suddenly fluctuated especially Melise’s violent trembling body they raised a sense of foreboding if not for fear of affecting the sky mark they could not help but rush up and lose their cosmic gas to him As the sky mark and Melise’s body gradually calmed down their hearts gradually put down the corner of the sky mark mouth shed a faint smile the original burning black flame suddenly disappeared the next moment the dark blue halo to the sky mark body as the center of the outward emission strange is that the dark blue light will not leave the altar around but will not leave The faint halo exudes the breath of the soul and the strange feeling makes the whole altar full of mystery The blue symbol on the altar shone brighter and brighter and the sky mark and Melise’s body were rendered bright blue
    Suddenly Tian Hen suddenly opened his eyes and quickly put his hands together in front of him The dark blue light that had been emitted swept in between his eyebrows and disappeared in an instant Tian Hen shouted “Reshape the body of soul sacrifice” The dark green light floated out with the chest of the sky mark as the center turning into a dark green point of light in midair In each point of light the surging cosmic gas was condensed and the energy molecules were rapidly condensed in the point of light In the case of soul fusion Tianhen clearly grasped every tiny part of Luojia’s body from hair to skin from cells to meridians all of which were clearly imprinted in his mind With a shout from Merisjiao her body left the sky mark her hands stretched forward and pressed behind the sky mark and the huge cosmic gas poured into the sky mark without reservation helping him complete the strange process of reshaping his body Dark green points of light more and more gradually the point of light condensed into a person’s form although the point of light is transparent but the breath of life gradually appeared dark green flame at the same time from the sky mark and Melise’s body burning up surging fire stimulated the soul stone in midair to emit dazzling blue light dark green points of light appeared Constantly making up for the gap that has formed the human body Such a strange scene rare for thousands of years blue and other three women can not help but stare big eyes Gradually the human figure became clear like a goddess carved from dark green crystal standing quietly in front of the sky mark her petite and exquisite body that flawless stunning appearance all deeply shocked the hearts of the three women This is Luojia! The Luojia formed completely by the cosmic gas! The fire of life around his body which was mixed with cosmic gas suddenly burned violently He suddenly opened his eyes put his right hand forward and put his index finger on the left chest of the dark green statue “Burn life-life-fire-” 。