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    Looking at the happy appearance of the endless swim pool landlord’s aunt I relaxed my heart I was really afraid that she would make trouble for me because her husband didn’t win the bet In this way in the past four or five days the landlord’s aunt happily told me every day that her husband had won money Of course occasionally he would lose two hands but the money he lost could be ignored So now he treats Gumantong as his own son not to mention how pious he is when he worships him every day As a Feng Shui master I am more sensitive to things like Yin Fa Gu Man Tong so out of kindness I reminded the landlord aunt let her not always ask her husband to gamble you know every time you win money is tantamount to letting the lucky boy come out to help the final price to pay is also very heavy get better this is serious However she is immersed in the fantasy of returning to the rich too soon where can she listen to what I say I had no choice but to shake my head and leave it alone The landlord’s aunt is a person who can’t hide her words in her stomach In addition her husband has won a lot of money recently so when chatting with friends she will mention me Of course the main thing is that the Gumantong I sold is old and smart and almost answers every request In this way all the aunts in the neighborhood where I live know my existence which makes me a well-known figure here One night I received a phone call from a stranger I thought it was a harassing phone call but I didn’t intend to answer it But the recent days were too boring and I didn’t dare to go to the Internet bar because Dong Fengjiao’s woman seemed to live nearby I was afraid of being recognized by her which was not good So I answered the phone The caller was a middle-aged man who said his surname was Li His voice was a little hoarse and I could guess from his voice that the man surnamed Li must have been in trouble recently As soon as Mr Li came up he asked “Are you Wang Yu” I hear you have something that can fulfill other people’s wishes I want to buy one How much is it I smiled and said “Are you talking about Gumantong and Lingfu” This thing has a certain effect but it can not guarantee the full realization of your wishes if you take Gumantong and Lingfu to say that you want to be president to chase big stars and so on this will certainly not be realized “I’m not an idiot” Mr Li said unhappily “How can I make those unrealistic wishes I just want to ask you do you have that kind of goods Chapter 200 Mr Li wants revenge This guy spoke as if he had taken gunpowder He was very angry which made me feel very uncomfortable He said “There must be goods What do you want such as attracting wealth preventing the mistress protecting family harmony and so on I have all of them here” After listening to my introduction Mr Li asked “Is that all” Nothing else I replied “That’s about it and of course there are things to keep safe and ward off evil spirits” “If anyone wants something they don’t have I’ll ask you if there’s a kind of amulet or Gumantong that can retaliate against others As long as it’s useful you can make an offer!” Mr Li said When I asked him what he was going to do with it Mr Li said that it was naturally used to retaliate against others He also said that I was so stupid that I couldn’t even see it From the moment I got on the phone with this man I was super disgusted with his tone of voice I thought that if he really wanted to buy it I would put up with it and negotiate the business As a result as soon as he opened his mouth he would retaliate against other people’s evil things Although this kind of magic amulet and Gumantong are also available but I am a principled geomancer How can I sell it to harm people So I said five words to him “You are an idiot!” ” Then hang up the phone such a person no matter how much money I will not do business with him the character is too bad! Since I came to Qiqihar as Lin Ling said my luck seems to have begun to pick up slowly but occasionally I can’t control it and want to touch others Of course this is because the curse of Zhou Wenhao’s jade pendant has not been eliminated Fortunately my self-control is very strong and I did not act like a hooligan But this curse is more annoying than the ghost marriage curse and I feel uncomfortable all over my body A few days later Jin Dali called me and asked me how I was in the northeast recently and if I had received any new business
    I said that I had received a business but the other party wanted the kind of thing that could retaliate against others so I refused As soon as Jin Dali heard this he immediately said “Brother Wang it’s not my brother who said you We come out to make a living If you have business to do don’t refuse Anyway it’s all about making money Speaking of it I really have a few Gumantong here who can harm people I haven’t been able to sell them before Can you let that customer come back and buy one” Jin Dali’s words made me very unhappy I told him that I was a principled geomancer I would not do anything harmful now or in the future Don’t mention it Because of this topic I was embarrassed with Jin Dali I didn’t want to make the relationship with him stiff so I asked him if the refining of the little devil had been completed Jin Dali sighed and said “How could it be so fast I had already calculated that there was enough time But two days ago I met a’double breaking day ‘ This kind of day is not suitable for continuing to refine Yin things So Master Azan stopped As a result it will be delayed for many days” I told him that it was not bad these days anyway and if there was any need for help after it was done just come to me and I would never refuse to do what I could Jin Dali naturally thanked him repeatedly After hanging up the phone I thought about whether to go out for a stroll but I heard someone knocking at the door The way of knocking was not as gentle as the landlord’s aunt It was like a devil entering the village The door was shaking So I came to the door and asked loudly “Who is it” Knock on the door gently Will you pay for it if it is broken “Me the one who called you earlier” Said the man outside the door As soon as I said this I immediately recognized whose voice it was It was Mr Li who bought me something to retaliate against others a few days ago I frowned thinking that this person is really haunting all said not to sell that kind of wicked Yin things how can you still have the cheek to come to the door Opening the door Mr Li squeezed himself in without waiting for me to say “Please come in” He really didn’t treat himself as an outsider