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    “Monitor” said Xiao Xiao “why don’t we whirlpool hot tub spa go deeper If we increase the distance of entry from strength to twenty miles we believe that the overall quality of the soul beast we can see will be greatly improved Huo Yuhao was silent although they all knew that Xuan Lao was secretly protecting them but as a new generation of Shrek Seven their hearts were proud Unless they encounter special circumstances they never want Xuan Lao to intervene With their talent of course they feel that they have experienced the improvement of their abilities in all aspects in these ten days In particular Xiao Xiao who has already obtained the third soul skill feels the most obvious and her power of the tripod has become more and more handy Sweeping away the previous declining trend can often play an important role in making a final decision against the enemy Wang Dong nodded and said “I agree too” Yuhao you don’t have to think too much With the strength of the three of us working together even if we encounter a soul beast that has been cultivated for about ten thousand years we can barely cope with it At least self-protection is not a big problem Ten kilometers deeper it is also very far from the central area of the Star Forest Nothing more than a hundred years of soul beast rare as long as we are careful enough plus your spirit detection sharing warning should not be too dangerous Moreover the greater the pressure the more beneficial it is to the improvement of our own abilities Why didn’t Xuan Lao come out all the time He didn’t even come to eat your barbecue just to let us experience more During this period I obviously felt that both soul power and combat experience had made rapid progress Huo Yuhao nodded and said “Good” Let’s go a little deeper However I have a word in advance once we encounter the eternal soul beast After the battle we must withdraw from the dangerous area immediately As the real leader of the three-man team he must consider the safety of the whole team With their strength can really go deeper coupled with the secret protection of their Xuan Lao Huo Yuhao also did not insist After dinner the three of them went to bed early For them the tent is just a cover for the night dew Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong practiced in a tent while Xiao Xiao had a tent of his own Although Huo Yuhao’s Xuantian skill has reached the bottleneck it is the knowledge that every soul master understands The temporary bottleneck does not affect the promotion of practice and it will be directly promoted in place after obtaining the soul ring It is said that this discovery was established by one of the founders of Shrek Academy the first teacher of the Academy at that time who was known as the master The ten core competitiveness of the soul division developed by the master was also the most important thing that laid the foundation for Shrek Academy to become the first Academy in mainland China When they were practicing in the middle of the night suddenly Huo Yuhao’s eyelids moved slightly and he opened his eyes quickly At the moment he opened his eyes the golden light even made the small tent bright The power of Haodong is also rapidly separated and each returns as its own soul power Wang Dong also opened his eyes What’s the matter Yuhao Wang Dong looked at him doubtfully “Someone” said Huo Yuhao in a deep voice I’ll go out to have a look and you wake up Xiao Xiao These people are supposed to be coming for the forest of stars “Good” (To be continued) Episode 5 Battle of the Champions Chapter 143 Deep into the Stars Mixed Zone (Part 1) Two people out of the tent at the same time Huo Yuhao eyes flashing golden light the two soul rings of the eyes also rose from the foot spirit detection in his deliberate urge to sweep in one direction a simple direction of detection he has now been able to detect to six hundred meters away And extremely accurate Xiao Xiao and Wang Dong had already come out of the tent and the bonfire was lit between the two tents expelling the cold of the night At this time the faint red light was shining on the faces of the three people Huo Yuhao reported in a low voice what he had detected “Eight people six men and two women” Of the six men I can’t detect the existence of Xiuwei I’m afraid he has the strength of seven rings Of the other five there are one soul emperor and four soul kings The strength of the two women is around the third ring which is similar to ours It’s coming towards us “Would you like to take a break” Asked Wang Dong Huo Yuhao shook his head and said No They’re definitely not here for us They’ll be here soon Tents and bonfires can not quickly eliminate traces but will make people suspicious Let’s be natural and wait for them to come
    It’s probably to hunt the soul beast in the Star Forest which is the same as our purpose As they spoke a voice was heard Why there’s a fire here The voice did not fall a figure has appeared in the Huo Yuhao three people line of sight It was a tall and thin man thin like a bamboo pole but the speed is very fast people appear eyes immediately fell on the Huo Yuhao three people who just sat down around the bonfire Huo Yuhao three people also seemed to be suddenly alarmed to look at him in general consternation There is no doubt that this lanky man is a sensitive attack department war soul division as soon as there is a discovery to come out first to explore the way Seeing that Huo Yuhao was just a teenage boy and girl he immediately relaxed As soon as he raised his hand a yellow light lit up in his palm and after about five meters into the air it turned into a yellow halo and spread At this time Huo Yuhao three people are already bouncing up from each other’s actions can be seen very disciplined obviously not the general team Who are you Huo Yuhao asked warily but did not come forward The lanky man smiled indifferently and said “We’re just passing by” I saw a bonfire on your side so I came to investigate it What about you guys And who is it Although he had a smile on his face there was a faint sense of pride in his smile Huo Yuhao said “We came to the Star Forest to hunt the Soul Beast to increase our soul rings” “Oh” Will you hunt the soul beast by yourselves The bamboo pole man looked at the three of them doubtfully Xiao Xiao snorted coldly and said “What’s the matter” Can’t you Bamboo pole man laughed and shook his head his face clearly showed a trace of disdain although the night filled the air but how could Huo Yuhao’s eyes not be seen Just then a figure appeared one after another beside the bamboo pole man As Huo Yuhao had previously detected they were six men and two women including the bamboo pole man A middle-aged man in his forties said in a deep voice “Northern Tang what’s the situation”