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    Meng Liang had to dismount and untie his endless swimming pool sword and throw it on the ground Seeing this the rest of his men could only dismount and turn in their weapons and then they were all tied up There was a gap between the cuirassiers and several chamberlains rode over to meet them One of them dismounted first When he saw Meng Liang he did not salute him He said politely “The emperor said that he had not seen the virtuous king for many years and he missed him very much He also asked the virtuous king to come to the palace to talk about the old days” Meng Liang smiled coldly and got on the horses led by the chamberlains and galloped with them in the direction of Miyagi followed by dozens of cuirassiers But Meng Liang did not lose heart another group of people in the palace city is his confidant command at this time it is too early to say defeat as long as he can safely into the palace there is still a chance A group of people arrived at the palace city dismounted into the Donghua Gate and walked toward the Zichen Hall A group of armed imperial guards appeared in front of them to greet each other It was Cao Guan who led the group Meng Liang was overjoyed and suddenly rushed to the group led by Cao Guan At the same time he shouted “Kill them all leave none!” There was no light on the moon and the stars He ran all the way to the front of the group and realized that it was wrong After he gave the order Cao Guan did not move or give the order He looked at him in silence He stopped hesitantly “Cao Guan you” Nearby he found that although Cao Guan wore armor he did not carry weapons and cold sweat flowed from his forehead Behind him two soldiers raised their crossbows to his back and as long as he had a slight change he would pull the trigger! Meng Liang’s face is ashen just the winner and the loser he lost · This night the whole city curfew Wen Chengzhou also did not return home all night although he knew that he had arranged but did not know the specific plan and did not know whether it was successful or not and Lu Xiao nervously waited all night until the curfew was lifted at dawn but the palace ban remained unchanged and the mother and daughter could only wait for news It was not until almost noon that Wen Chengzhou returned home The mother and daughter felt a little relieved Seeing that he looked indifferent they should have caught Meng Liang smoothly The only difference was whether the rest of the evil could be cleared up Wen Chengzhou used some snacks changed into clean clothes after washing and went to the palace again In the next few days officials were constantly arrested their homes were ransacked and they were imprisoned Every day there was a curfew Although it was the New Year there was no lively atmosphere of the New Year’s Day The ribbons and flower shelves in front of the restaurants and shops were still there but there were no people playing at night The whole capital was full of tension and dignified atmosphere Both soldiers and civilians in and out of the capital were strictly controlled Wen stayed at home for two days and then could not be idle He asked Wen Chengzhou to open a special document so that she could go out of the city to the smelter in the western suburbs and continue to supervise the steelmaking process In the early morning of the third day after the Yujinyuan incident Wenqi rode out of the corner gate in a carriage and saw the carriage she was familiar with waiting outside and quickly followed She couldn’t help smiling and asked Uncle Yu to stop the car Meng Pei strode closer Wen opened the curtain of the car and smiled at him Meng Pei also smiled at her and got into the car A Lian and Yongxia saluted him with a smile Pei how is your mother and six younger sisters She had not seen him since she was sent back to the mansion that day While she missed him she was also worried about the recent situation of Duanwangfu Meng Pei nodded “All right” They were frightened that day and had some bruises but after the doctor came to see them he said it was all right and they would be fine after a few days’rest “That’s all right” Wen said reassuringly She asked a Lian to take out a box from her backpack and hand it to Meng Pei Meng Pei was surprised “What is this” He opened it and saw that inside the box was a delicate wooden bird with colorful feathers painted on its body which was exquisite and lovely He took out the wooden bird and put it in the palm of his hand only to find that the wings and tail wings could move He pinched the tail wing and turned it around and not only did the wooden bird’s wings flap but it even made a “chirp” sound of different heights It’s just a little toy Wen said with a smile For Ah Shao Meng Pei suddenly “I thought it was for me” Of course it’s for your sister Why should I give you something when I’m free It’s not like you’re scared! The corners of Meng Pei’s mouth curved “Don’t I have any reward” “You will be rewarded with a position as the Great Protector of the Dharma” “It’s for life” Wen said with a smile Meng Pei could not help laughing “I suddenly have the feeling of being cheated on the pirate ship” “It’s not too late to get off the boat” “It’s too late” He looked at her and said with profound meaning
    “Then what reward do you want” Wen asked with a smile I will try my best to satisfy what I can do “The reward I want” You are enough A Lian and Yong Xia’s cheeks are all red Can these two people stop for a while They have been turning their heads and pretending to look at the scenery outside the car not to mention that there is no fresh scenery on both sides of the official road that goes back and forth every day and they have been turning their heads until their necks are stiff! · As soon as the foreman of the smelter saw Wen Kui coming he came up excitedly and said “Lady Wen this time it seems to be true!”! Come and have a look! “Really” “I changed the tempering temperature and extended the annealing time according to what the little lady said I tried it several times and the elasticity is getting better and better” “Let’s go and have a look” Wen said excitedly A group of people hurried through the hot furnace field to another field room where several craftsmen were busy with several newly rolled springs on the ground and one craftsman was wiping off the surface ash with a cloth Wen picked up one of them went to a shelf and put it into a cylinder The upper and lower ends of the spring were firmly clamped by a clamp The clamp at the upper end was connected to a finger-thick tough silk rope The silk rope went around a set of fixed pulleys and a tray was hung at the other end There was a scale on the silk rope that could be adjusted up and down A red line in the center was zero and there were scales above and below it She adjusted the ruler so that the red line marked zero in the middle of it was aligned with a red triangle on the shelf Then the weight is put into the tray and as the weight is put in the tray falls and the ruler rises She wrote down the scale then removed the weight and as the tray rose the silk rope returned to its original position with the scale Meng Pei has seen hundreds of operations like this since she accompanied Wen to the smelting plant and watched her test the spring performance again and again Each time she started with hope and ended in disappointment But she was never discouraged and never had the idea of giving up She just kept summing up the problems and adjusting the process in the hope that the next time would be better