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    These five people are also tough in the face of more than 50 people still do not change color such as the other side to the front parry a few moves then turn around and run Long Tang these people see more arrogant shouting in the back of the fierce chase Run out only more than a hundred meters the five big fellow suddenly stopped turned around both hands horizontal knife ready to meet the enemy Dragon hall personnel is first one Leng then dark scold “You are to live be bored with crooked!”! They spread out and surrounded the five men first One of them raised his knife and shouted “Kill!” As soon as the word “kill” came out of his mouth he heard a roar from the alleys on both sides and then countless strong men rushed out These people are not very tall but one is more stocky than the other with two small eyes staring at each other and the steel knives in their hands are sharp and round emitting a faint light In the blink of an eye these people instead surrounded more than fifty people in the Dragon Hall No one talked nonsense so they came up and cut them down These strong men are extremely fierce their arm strength is amazing and each knife seems to weigh a thousand pounds In an instant more than a dozen Longtang personnel were cut down and lay on the ground covering their wounds with their hands and howling desperately This side launched a large-scale tear to kill the news soon spread to the hall At this time the person in charge of the hall named Chen Tianyu and Chen Baicheng stick some relatives although the ability is not very good but quite Chen Baicheng’s trust otherwise will not give him such an important place in the hall As soon as Chen Tianyu heard that someone was coming to attack he immediately panicked In a hurry he turned out a pistol from under the bed and shouted to his men who had come to report “How many enemies have come” “Brother Tianyu this is not quite clear” “*** you punk!” Chen Tianyu kicked the man away ran out with his gun gathered all the manpower that could be mobilized and rushed downstairs When he led a large group of people to the first floor the big fellow had cut down more than fifty disciples of the Dragon Hall and was rushing to the gate of the hall Chen Tianyu dared to look out through the glass door only to see a yellow outside countless men in military overcoats with ferocious faces running with knives in their hands many of which were still stained with blood After reading it Chen Tianyu was so frightened that he closed his eyes and felt a little dizzy He backed up again and again until he reached the innermost part of the hall He shouted in a loud voice “Push me out resist the enemy and don’t let the enemy come in!” In fact the number of these big fellow in military overcoat is not much at best there are three hundred people and his men over a thousand people in the number of absolutely not suffer It’s just that Chen Tianyu is usually pampered He has never participated in a firefight or a war He just saw the other side’s pressure and intuitively felt that there were too many people on the other side As he directed his men to go up he called Chen Baicheng Let’s talk about the other end of the hall the central control room The central control room is an important place at the entrance of the hall Ordinary people can’t get in at all On the other hand there is a large iron gate several centimeters thick The cameras in the whole building are controlled by the central control room Zhao Hui dressed in the clothes of the ordinary younger brother of Longtang ran to the door of the central control room and smashed the door hard Knock knock The sound of smashing the door was so deafening that even the dead inside could be awakened by him What’s the matter Diameter tape measure Someone inside was so discontented that he shouted Zhao Hui raised his head looked at the camera on his head and said loudly “Brother watch the door quickly Brother Tianyu asked me to check the situation of the back door!” There are not many people in the central control room only three One of them sat on a chair and looked at Zhao Hui on the TV screen He turned to a young man standing in front of the door and nodded “It’s our cousin!” The young man curled his lips and looked up “What about the back door” He asked Another young man sitting in a chair searched through dozens of screens for a while before he found the screen at the back door He looked twice shook his head and said “No one!” The young man raised his voice and said “Tell Brother Tianyu that it’s all right at the back door I didn’t see the enemy” “Brother Tianyu let me take a look for myself!” Zhao Hui replied loudly M don’t you believe my words When I say no I mean no! Brother Tianyu asked me to see it clearly in person ” “Oh you don’t understand human language I said there was no situation” Zhao Hui looked at the camera and said foolishly “Brother Tianyu told me so I didn’t see it I dare not go back” “You” The young man in the door turned to look at the screen and saw that Zhao Hui was waiting for a pair of dead fish eyes to look at the camera He was too lazy to talk to him He unlocked the door and pushed the iron door He said angrily “Look look!”! M I’ve never seen anyone as stupid as you The young man swore and muttered Zhao Hui approached cautiously did not care about his scolding grinned at him and then looked around curiously The young man looked at his appearance could not help laughing shook his head did not know that the hall was so engaged in such a silly boy can also be taken in He pointed to the screen and said “There it is Go and see for yourself” Zhao Hui oh stepped forward his eyes sweeping around the screens watching non-stop Here The young man sitting on the chair touched it with his hand Ah there’s really no one! Zhao Hui showed a look like that All right you go to report to brother Tianyu! “Good!” Zhao Hui promised with a smile but a sharp knife fell out of his cuff Chapter 64 Zhao Huimeng waved his hand the cold light flashed and a blood arrow shot from the young man’s neck The latter covered his neck with his hands stared round and looked at Zhao Hui in disbelief with the corners of his mouth moving and blood flowing out The other two young people sitting on the chair did not know what was going on but felt a hot neck touched it with their hands and found that the palms were covered with blood With a cry of surprise the two men died on the spot The young man who had been kicked away was afraid He looked up and saw that his two companions were dead while Zhao Hui was staring at him He felt a chill in his heart and his calf was really cramped He stammered “Brother” Brother Don’t Kill me ” The foolishness on Zhao Hui’s face had already been swept away replaced by the oppressive coldness He walked up to the young man with a knife turned over his wrist and held the dagger upside down Without warning he coldly stabbed the young man at the root