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    Old Yi was holding three cards rapid sand filters in his hand and every time he gasped he was driving the note on his nose flickering I really admire him for being so devoted to playing this boring card game only to see him very carefully pull out one from Zhang Yaxin’s hand and immediately open his mouth wide I was speechless when I saw it You should know that the game of drawing a bastard is about the tactics of one heart so that others can’t see whether what you draw is a ghost card or not But brother Yi was so excited that I’m afraid we didn’t know which one was in his hand so I couldn’t help sighing After a round there was another note on the message board I don’t know how long we played but we finally arrived at the station when we could hardly see anything The train pulled into Qinhuangdao and stopped at Beidaihe Station We arrived at Beidaihe Town but this was not our destination Our destination Beidai Seashore was located in the west of the city center of Qinhuangdao Hebei Province It is one of the urban areas of Qinhuangdao Affected by the marine climate there is no intense heat in summer and no severe cold in winter To say that Qinhuangdao is really interesting Uncle Wen told me that this is where Shanhaiguan is located at the junction of Nanmao and Beima In the south of here it is the place where Mr Bai Pai of Nanmao used to be popular This time yuan Mei the old man chose to meet us here I don’t know what kind of medicine he is selling in his old gourd After Zhang Yaxin got out of the car she took out her cell phone and called the old thief yuan Mei After saying a few words she hung up the phone and said to us with a smile “That’s great My dad said it was too late to take a taxi” We don’t have to go there tonight Let’s stay here now and go to the seaside tomorrow To be honest I really can’t get along with the people at the top of the company Brother Cui and brother Yi you two accompany me I nodded my head At the same time in the heart sneer at yuan Mei you old guy you are afraid is to want to stabilize us first then think what ghost idea rely on brother can be fooled by you The answer is yes Old Yi and I nodded at the same time It would be great if we couldn’t go there tonight You know we took the train for half a day Although it was a sleeper we were exhausted Moreover Old Yi was a finished thing He was even allergic to paper Now his face is red As the saying goes take it as it comes Since we have come it is better to have a good night’s rest Let’s see what the old thief yuan Mei does tomorrow So we took a taxi and found a B & B which was clean It is a hundred times better than the hotel in Harbin At least when we entered the door we didn’t hear the sound of mixed doubles We asked for two rooms Of course there is no need to say more about the allocation of this room Naturally I can’t be in the same room with Zhang Yaxin and Zhang Yaxin can’t be in the same room with Lao Yi Although Lao Yi acted as an escort when he entered the door it really seems a little unreliable So of course Lao Yi and I were in the same room Anyway it’s not that we haven’t slept together I know it may seem strange to say so but it’s true After taking a bath Lao Yi went to play cards with Zhang Yaxin At that time I was washing my black nails with a cup of warm water I forgot to look at Lao Yi with a red face Said to him “You really eat a hundred beans are not too fishy Lord drink it quickly” Old Yi took the cup of warm water and said to me “What is this” I ignored him He went straight to the bed by the window and said “Martini in 1982” With that I closed my eyes and tried to find sleepiness I dreamed of Liu Yudi yesterday and I don’t know if I can have a continuous dream today Old Yi thought about it Still drank that “martini” then turned off the light the night was quiet again in order to prepare for tomorrow tonight must have a good rest this is what we thought in our hearts a night without words when we opened our eyes again the sky was already looking I have to say The climate here is really good neither hot nor cold the air quality is also very good I feel refreshed when I get up in the morning and I haven’t had any dreams all night
    After dressing up we took a taxi and went directly to the seaside of Beidaihe The taxi was driving on the highway and we could see the blue sea water far away Speaking of it Lao Yi and I were toads We had never seen a big day This was the first time we saw the sea water Think about the endless sea water it was much better than the Songhua River hidden in the pit in Harbin Zhang Yaxin let the car stop at a resort Let’s get out of the car and have a look It’s really enough In line with yuan’s group if Lao Yi and I went out to travel alone we would not dare to live here His uncle thinking of this I secretly scolded “It’s great to be rich Rich scum is still hateful” This includes yuan Mei Zhang Yaxin told us that she had just sent a message to her godfather who was having a meeting with senior officials in the conference room of the hotel Let’s go to pack our luggage first and then go to play Bah I despised the old bastard from the bottom of my heart and called us here Still stand us up like this It seems that this is the common fault of leaders They like to put on a show Old Yi and I look at each other Anyway it’s a long time I’m not afraid that the old guy won’t come to see us The excited doorman saw someone coming and hurriedly opened the door so we followed Zhang Yaxin into the hotel Depend on it it was really corrupt There was a pool in the lobby of the hotel There was a naked woman sculpture in the middle of the pool holding a stone jar and pouring water into the pool I looked at the sculpture and thought to myself to say this harmonious society How can such a discordant sculpture be allowed to exist Later when I thought about it I realized that if it was made of meat it would be obscene and if it was made of stone it would be art It’s totally self-deceiving Speaking of this I suddenly felt a little ashamed In those days brother I also studied art Isn’t this equal to slapping myself When the waiter saw someone coming he accosted her Zhang Yaxin told her that she had booked a room before so the waiter led us upstairs .