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    After dinner they have been Dissolved Gas Flotation playing games In order to quickly raise the level of the characters Su Xiao opened his own 100-level Tan Yin number and received two apprentices she and Heluo With the help of the multiplier effect of “Master and Apprentice Concentric” and the double experience potion she made before reincarnation- “Gathering Elixir” she hung up all night and achieved brilliant results In one night the two small white numbers broke through the level 50 mark and the upgrade speed also slowed down Level 50 is a watershed for players in the Nine Realms For one thing if the disciple rises to fifty he will lose the double experience bonus effect of “master and disciple are of the same mind” Second after level 50 the experience slot moves tens of thousands of times If you want to be efficient you have to lead the team to the next copy It takes twice as much time to rely on them to brush monsters in the wild Now Su Xiao doesn’t have the leisure time to study abroad The two computers had already been moved to the living room by Heluo Su Xiao came out after brushing his teeth and saw that his door was still closed She took her small book back to the house first After checking the message mail and so on she sent a new chapter A series of necessary work is busy and the computer interface is blue without warning and a bare Chinese character pops up “In” The open fire outside the sky did not know why it preferred this elusive way Su Xiao flattened his mouth and replied “What’s the matter” “Give me a task and do what you’re good at as usual” With that the open fire outside the sky pasted a string of digital port codes As the leader of the hacker alliance he often receives some rich jobs that is tasks such as maintaining database firewalls writing software according to customer requirements and so on Sometimes he thought the task was too simple or too busy so he would leave it to Su Xiao the apprentice Su Xiao is not a professional hacker in the end good at the direction of extreme bias but database backup and passive defense skills The reason why I am good at this is that I was afraid of being stolen at the beginning The so-called passive defense is an automatic anti-invasion means after being attacked and invaded In the eyes of hackers this little trick is useless but it is very effective for data protection Once the local data is added deleted or copied by the command the command source will soon be attacked by the anti-intrusion means arranged by Su Xiao Unless you never surf the Internet in the future the anti-intrusion means will plant a 1 KB download command which will make you ecstatic Such a wonderful anti-invasion means is Su Xiao’s famous work in the hacker world Domain So far apart from the open fire outside the sky involved in the debugging once the domain is laid no one can break it Su Xiao the inventor of this domain is also famous for this It is as famous as WinDisaster another hacker in the hacker alliance who is very good at key decoding and even has a code name “Xuanwu” because one of them is as hard as a turtle and the other is as cunning as a snake both of them are deep dragons Su Xiao looked at her watch There were still two hours to go before lunch time She thought about finishing one first For one thing nine times out of ten the League’s business was urgent and could not be delayed; for another every task was full of oil and water and if we could get a good one this time the service fee of ten or twenty thousand yuan would be a sure thing The source code of the domain is very simple but the only thing that is not simple is its embedding technique Arriving at the server code source designated by the customer Su Xiao brushed out a full screen of code with white characters on a blue background with a carriage return She observed it calmly line by line and time passed rapidly Near noon she heard Heluo knocking at the door with a smile in her voice “Lady are you in the house” “Come in” Su Xiao raised his voice As soon as the door clicked Heluo came in and saw Su Xiao facing the full screen of data His eyelids jumped unconsciously He laughed and said “It’s not a computer crash Do you want me to help you” “It’s all right it’s almost ready” She is still in the mental arithmetic domain placement point this huge project once started must at least lay out a general framework plus Heluo is not an outsider since he saw Su Xiao felt that let him know nothing Think about it skip to the next line and she pastes a piece of code on one of the nodes and modifies it
    Heluo watched her arrangement It was the first time he had seen such a strange and tedious technique He couldn’t help laughing “Niangzi’s technique is completely different from the open fire outside the sky His incompetent master didn’t teach you any common sense skills of checking nodes” “No this is my own creation but people are gods I think the layout is too cumbersome too lazy to see” Su Xiao saw him carrying a bag of cheese bagels reached over and took one “what’s the plan today” She jumped the code line by line stopped at a certain place again pasted it and changed it Heluo said “You can go to the library later to look for materials review them and look at the campus by the way At noon Yan Shao will treat you” “That Yan Tian Zan” “Well” Heluo answered speaking in an absent-minded tone “and a few people from the T College Student Association I think Zhen Qian should also go and Qu Shao I heard that Dongli was bought by others and the new owner swallowed up the shares of Qujia and several other minority shareholders “I heard that the Qu family is not going to do this online game I do not know how the new owner will deal with the nine realms the game is not to continue to open” Su Xiao was calculating the code node just listening and not talking How much longer He asked Su Xiao cut down a few lines and when he saw that three or four pages had not come to an end he said with a smile “I can’t finish it I can barely collect six more I’ll continue in the evening Or you can go to change your clothes first and go to the library together later”