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    The army began to filter nozzle retreat like the tide began to retreat and soon turned into a collapse of the dike! Five hundred cavalry from the north went in from the left wing and soon pierced the Bolo army And it’s pierced horizontally! Left wing in right wing out! Kill out five hundred cavalry casualties is still a let all Bolo people desperate number! Zero Then the monsters who were covered with blood and had pieces of flesh and limbs hanging from their bodies turned their horses around without stopping and killed them again On the battlefield there was a scene that made everyone collapse! The army of twenty thousand men was killed by five hundred cavalry like an avalanche and then the tide of defeat Five hundred cavalry in the back is like a duck biting twenty thousand people to kill Bolo army was driven to the river beach finally there is no way to escape they may be some people rise up the courage of despair want to fight back but more let them despair is that once the army of twenty thousand people in chaos there is no effective resistance Looking around there are all people in front of and behind us all of them are crowded in everything our own people are trampled by our own people our own people are pushed into the river by our own The huge Bolo people were driven into the river by the five hundred cavalry of Shaya! Bolo people have thrown down their weapons and jumped into the Xiliuwan River while the five hundred cavalry behind them are still waving their weapons almost mechanically to harvest their lives! They’re not here to fight at all they’re here to finish a simple massacre! You can’t beat or run away so you have to jump into the river to escape! Governor Hill was lucky He was the first to escape to the river under the protection of the guards He was also the first to jump into the river to escape Under the protection of the guards he was the first to escape to the other side of the river Then the streaking governor stood wailing on the other side of the river and watched his troops being driven down the river like ducks On the river people are crowded everywhere is crying everywhere is wailing! On the other side too late to jump into the river Bolo remnants has begun to throw away their weapons kneel down and surrender give up resistance Twenty thousand against five hundred lost so fast lost so thoroughly!!! The only thing that relieved Governor Hillman was that Shaya’s men did not seem to have any idea of crossing the river immediately They had already begun to clean up the battlefield and receive prisoners of war Devil Devil! They are all devils Governor Hillman who finally fainted was defeated in the direction of his lair with the remnants of his army under the protection of the guards around him In the battle of Xiliuwan the Bolo people fought with twenty thousand troops but less than five thousand could cross the river alive There were more than 10000 casualties half of whom were killed on the battlefield while the other half drowned after jumping into the river! After accepting the surrender of thousands of troops Shaya stayed in Xiliu Bay for only one day On the second day he left the soldiers directly in place He didn’t even bother to leave someone to take care of the prisoners of war (he did not have extra troops around him to take care of the prisoners of war) Shaya took people across Xiliu Bay easily and then ran towards the capital city of Bolo with a clear goal It took Shaya only three and a half days to get from Xiliuwan to the capital of Bolo Military District He didn’t leave much time for Governor Hillman In fact for Hillman the governor who likes to run naked has been scared out of his wits When he returned to his lair in the capital the first thing he did was to summon the magician who had served him and tell him what had happened on the battlefield They’re demons! They must have used some kind of magic right Only magic can make people resist the damage of swords so that those guys are not as tireless as swords and guns Looking at the governor who was about to collapse the magician hesitated for a moment “Maybe they really used some kind of magic but the governor please rest assured with me here I will want to break the kind of magic they used” According to your description I think this should be a kind of blessing similar to stone skin and it will not be too difficult to break it
    ” It turned out that the magician had a good idea but it was too simple When Xia Ya came to the capital city of the Bolo Army the whole city was a sensation Although the news of the defeat of the army has been known by everyone but really see the summer five hundred cavalry appeared under the gate the whole city of soldiers and civilians are shrouded in a sense of almost absurd fear Immediately no matter how afraid Governor Hillman was he had to bite the bullet and take people to the city to resist-field operations He will never have the courage Of course he took the magician with him to the wall Shaya’s cavalry was just outside the city and he did not make a siege gesture-in fact he did not intend to fight a siege at all Cavalry after all is cavalry even with the blood of the golden dragon to strengthen the flesh with muscle fruit to strengthen the fighting capacity of these almost abnormal super cavalry also did not grow wings to fly to the wall But Shaya has another way He saw Hillman standing on the wall and he saw the guy in the gray robe standing beside Hillman-it was a magician and Shaya recognized it Shaya chose the most direct and effective way to open the gate of the capital city of Bolo Military Region! He showed up in person! Up and down the city more than ten thousand pairs of eyes-especially under the gaze of the magician who had been somewhat reserved and proud before Shaya seemed to be deliberately showing off and made a shocking move that later spread all over the mainland! He rode out of the queue slowly came to the middle of the battlefield and then he slowly patted the white horse that was too strong After a golden brilliant light in the growing light group the outline of the horse soon changed dramatically! A magnificent and frightening figure appeared bit by bit in the golden light Huge body golden scales and huge wings