Wokeness trumps grammar?

Wokeness trumps grammar? Columbia Journalism Review grilled for capitalizing ‘Black’ but not ‘white’ in ethnicity references 17 Jun, 2020 10:41 Get short URL ©  Global Look Press / Ingo Schulz Follow RT on The Columbia Journalism Review has received a barrage of internet scorn after attempting to justify its policy of capitalizing ‘black’ but not […]

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Grand Sheik Taj Tarik Bey – Rebutting The Inquisition Revenue Service: I. R.S. – 3-6-20 #HORAM #MOOR

🇲🇦Pay attention to 👁‍🗨brother taj tarik bey and 👁‍🗨noble isaiah bey🇲🇦👳🏿‍♀️👳🏿‍♂️Most of our people “Moors” are still stuck in Christianity. We must show that Christianity is like a coat of Paint hiding the truth of moorish science under the paint. Christianity was derived from moorish Science and crafted by moors for the salvation of Modern […]

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Fire damages CIA headquarters and reveals a gigantic drug lab.

Now one can see why all the so-called Drug Producung Countries are Controlled by The U.S.A Corporation. Every thing they accuse others of, they are doing exactly that, while claiming some illusion of protecting the People or keeping the Peace. The story that if their lips are moving, they are with-out a doubt, Lying.  Share50KTweet […]

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WikiLeaks exposes US embassies stockpiling spy gear.

While The US Accuses Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, North Korea and others of what they ” US” do Daily as common practice. Is that like point one finger at others, while 3 of your own fingers point back at You???. Published time: 22 Dec, 2018 05:03 Get short URL FILE PHOTO: US embassy in Berlin, […]

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