Cash bail system drives mass incarceration of the poor – lawsuit against Detroit

The Lame Stream Media and De-facto U.S.A Government CORPORATION, love to talk about Racism and so-called white Supremacy, knowing full well those are buzz-words to cover the real Agenda “Secret Treaty of Verona” and “Doctrine of Discovery”. Yes to hide, Birth-Right Theft (bowl of red porridge) Heriditament Theft and Genocide of Ab-original Americans (Trading Places). […]

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No president since Lincoln treated worse than me – Trump.

An other signal of exactly what is going on behind the smoke and mirrors wall. The last De-jure Corporate President “Abraham Lincoln”, was assassinated for stopping the Kingship Oligarchy fully taking over in 1861. Now the last de-facto Corporate President, is invoking the Spirit of Abraham Lincoln to finish off the Oligarchy. Yes, the Covert […]

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