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It may seem strange to read the information just below in the next chapter, while looking at and reading about Ancient Egypt In America. Rest assured, the 2 “two” tie to-gether to figure out how and why this information has been so Buried and Censored for All-most a Century. The story starting at “Ancient Egyptians, Grand Canyon” Is as I found it, with some obvious “Grammar and Spelling Corrections”, other-wise exactly as I found it, but divided into 2 parts for this blog presentation.

This chapter is showing the planning and scheming, that went into what we have today, a total Re-Construction of The Story for Man and His-tory of Man-kind over the last 500+ Years. Do your own search of the 8 Titles below, they have the ties that bind the pieces to-gether.
1. “Secret Treaty of Verona, 2. Unum Sanctum, 3. The Doctrine of Discovery, 4. The Inter Caetera Divina, 5. Dum Devertis, 6. Romanus Pontifex, 7. Cesti Que Act-1666, 8. Christian Black Codes-1724”. The eight legs that hold up The European Christian Papal Inquisition Operations of “Lands – Titles – Birth-right Stealing”, Mass Genocide, and every form of High Crimes World-wide. When one has no True Story of their own, The outright Theft and Impersonation of “Others Stories” that they then turn into “His-Story” seems their only option. All The Genocide, Tortures, Convoluting of Geography and Trading Places, are spelled out in those 6 Papal Bulls and the Christian Black Codes and Cesti Que Act-1666.

Ancient Egyptians, Grand Canyon

Ancient Egyptians, Grand Canyon   This Egyptian Tunnel City was named Kincaid’s Cave for G.E. Kincaid who first entered the Cave when he was working for S. A. Jordan. Visitors were restricted from entering Kincaid’s Cave after the Grand Canyon National Park Act was finally signed by President Woodrow Wilson in 1919 FBI Agents now guard Kincaid’s Cave and other Archaeological Sites in the Grand Canyon.

 G. E Kincaid served in the Marine Corp. After retiring he worked for S. A. Jordan as a Archeologist.

S. A Jordan was sent to the Grand Canyon by the Smithsonian Institute to investigate the information that was reported by John Westley Powell.
The Tunnel is presently on Cliff Wall 395 feet above the present flow of Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Archeologist estimate the Man Made Cavern is around 3,000 years old. The Man made Cavern is over Five Hundred feet long and has several cross Tunnels to large Chambers. This was the lowest level and last Egyptian Tunnel City they built in the Grand Canyon.
Since the time that this Egyptian Tunnel City was made, Archeologist estimate the Colorado River has eroded another 300 feet lower.

This is a Gold Artifact for the Egyptian King named Khyan, Khian or Khayan was found in the Egyptian Tunnel City in the Grand Canyon that was named Kincaid’s Cave.

The Egyptian Shrine is holding Egyptian Lotus Flowers in both Hands. Lotus Flowers originated as Native Flowers in Egypt. The Egyptian Shrine was in the first cross Tunnel in the Tunnel which was in the exactly the same location that the Shrines were in the Valley of the Kings Tunnel Cities where Egyptian Kings lived, before the Kings of Ancient Egypt began to build Pyramids and above ground Cities in Egypt.

The Archeological meaning of the power Beams radiating to the Hieroglyphic symbols for the Ancient Kings Hieroglyphic Symbols means Khyan, Khian or Khayan was a power-full King in Egypt. Khyan, Khian or Khayan was recorded as a Descendant of Zaphnath or (Joseph) that was the King of Egypt from 1610 to 1580 Bc at Avaris Egypt where King Zatnnath ruled Egypt from also. All Kings and Pharaoh’s had different Egyptian Hieroglyphs for symbol identification. Both the Symbol and name of Khyan is on the base of his Shrine.

The top symbol on the the Base of his Shrine in the left side top of his center Hieroglyph is the Hebrew Semitic Son of the Right Hand that meant first born Son. Then in the Center of the Base is the Hieroglyphic symbol for Khyan with his power beams and he is holding the Staff of the Lord in one Hand. There is no doubt about the identification for Khyan or that he was a decendent of King Zaphnath in Egypt who was ( Joseph ) in the Bible. King Kyan sat on the Throne of his Ancester King Zaphnath at Aravis Egypt also.

              This Artifact was from Kincaid’s Tunnel.

Even though the many large other smaller Images were found in the Tunnel in the Grand Canyon, this Artifact was a important discovery for Smithsonian Archeologist. It is a Artifact is for King Akhenaten and Queen Nefertli. Their Ancestors and Children’s names are on the Artifact.

The Egyptian name of Zoroaster or (Joseph) is one of their Ancestors.
It is recorded that Akhenaten restored the Semitic Religion of Amon in Egypt at Saqqara Egypt. Akhenaten was the recorded Ruler in Egypt from 1353 to 1336 BC. His son Seteprene was also a Egyptian Ruler in the Grand Canyon and was recorded as a King at Saqqara Egypt also. This Egyptian information means that Egyptian Kings came to the Grand Canyon at various times but also made return trips to Egypt.
These Gold Artifacts from Kincaid Tunnel are the only Artifacts on display in the Smithsonian Institute at Washington DC. from the Grand Canyon.
The back Two Artifacts are for  Artifact King Akhenaten and Queen Nefertli.
    This Artifact is from Kincaid’s Tunnel in the Grand Canyon.

This Artifact found in the Egyptian Tunnel City in the Grand Canyou was identified as being a Artifact for King Aperanat who sat at Saqqara Egypt also.

In Egypt, King Aperanat was known as the power-full King that Ruled Foreigners also.

This Copper Statue in Kincaid’s Tunnel  in the Grand Canyon was identified as a Shrine for Anubis. It is “impossable” that he was ever in the Grand Canyon. Anubis was a famous Egyptian Embalmer that believed in an after life.

This Pyramid Temple was named the Zoroaster Temple.


The original Seth Tanner Trail is still a popular Tourist Trail in the Grand Canyon.

The Egyptians Mined Copper, Silver, and Gold from the Grand Canyon. There are many Ruins of Egyptian Metal Smelters and Furnaces in the Grand Canyon. These Metal Smelters and Furnaces are located on the Second Plateau of the Grand Canyon and there are several Mining Tunnels and Egyptian Tunnel Cities in the Cliff Walls of Second level Grand Canyon Plateau.

Even though the Iris Temple in the Grand Canyon is now badly eroded, a few of of the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs can still be seen on the Cliff Walls of the Temple. The Temple also has a obvious Entrance, but only a few feet into the Temple the Entrance is closed. The National Park Service will not allow any excavations of the Pyramid Temples.

This small Gold Artifact was found in Kincaid’s Tunnel. This Artifact for Isis in currently on display in the Smithsonian Institute at Washington DC.
       [ The Egyptian Legend for Isis the Goddess of Power and Love]
She was the First Daughter of Gad, who was the first God of Earth in Egypt.
Her Heart was full of love. The Hearts of her Love are on the Base of this Image of her.
This Gold Artifact from Kincaid’s Tunnel is for Amaunet the Secret One. Another Artifact for Amaunet the Secret One and Gad was found in Burrow’s Cave in Illinois.
  [ The Egyptian Legend for Amaunet the the Secret One was the only Goddess of Egypt; Gad got her Pregnant and she jumped high and hid in the Heavens]
Amaunet laid a big Egg that shined like Gold. This was the first Sun light in Egypt. The Egg was big because there was a Twin Boy and Girl in it.
Then Amaunet saw that she had Wings and flew from the Heavens to Egypt and then everybody in Egypt knew who Amaunet was and Amaunet was no longer Amaunet the Secret One.
The Hopi Indians told Grand Canyon Park Rangers that this was the Tower of Ra. Only a few eroded Egyptian Hieroglyphs can still be seen on the Tower of

The Egyptians Built some large Entertainment Centers in the Grand Canyon. The Buildings had Wood Roofs that are no longer on the Buildings. These Entertainment Centers had large Fields for Foot Races and Games and had Shower Rooms and Homes for the Different Athelete Teams. The centers also had large Theaters for Musical Concets and Kitchens to prepare Meals for the Egyptian Kings, Atheletes, and Musicians.

 The Tunnel Complex that Mr. G. E. Kinkaid found was a Burial Chamber. The Mummies were placed in the Burial Chamber Walls on large Stone Blocks. The Egyptians began coming to the Grand Canyon according to the Carbon Dating of the Mummies Bones. The Carbon Date for the oldest Mummy was around 1600 BC.

Prime Minister Nubar Pasha of Egypt was first Prime Minister of Egypt and served his first Term from January 1884 to June 1888. Prime Minister Nubar Pasha of Egypt contact the US Department of State and requested that all of the Egyptian Artifacts found in the Grand Canyon to be returned to Egypt. He also requested that no more Information about Egyptians ever being in the Grand Canyon be Published by the  Smithsonian Institution. [To be continued]