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    Higher Horsepower Rig Making Waves In The Delaware Basin – Hart Energy Some Known Factual Statements About BHL BRAND NEW 3000HP x 1500000 lbsHOOK LOAD00 – SAE standard rotation – Fuel System – Fuel filter – Fuel transfer pump – Flexible fuel lines – Fuel priming pump, left hand – Electronically regulated system injectors – Instrumentation – Electronic Cockpit console, left hand – Analog gauges with digital display screen information for: – Engine oil pressure gauge – Engine water temperature level gauge – Fuel pressure gauge – System DC voltage gauge – Air inlet constraint gauge – Exhaust temperature level (prior to turbochargers) gauge – Fuel filter differential pressure gauge – Oil filter differential pressure gauge – Service meter (digital screen just) – Tachometer (digital display only) – Instant fuel intake (digital screen only) – Overall fuel taken in (digital display just) – Engine start-stop (off, vehicle start, manual start, cooldown timer) – Lube System – Crankcase breather, Oil cooler, Oil filter, Shallow oil pan – Oil pan drain valve, 2′ NPT female connection – Lubricating oil, SAE 10W30, Caterpillar DEO (CG4) 643L or equivalent.Selected parameters are consumer programmable. – Status readily available on engine-mounted cockpit console and can be relayed through the optional customer communications module or programmable relay control modules(s). Initially set as follows: – Safety shutoff protection, electrical – oil pressure, water temperature, overspeed, crankcase pressure, and aftercooler temperature. – Air inlet shutoff, triggered on overspeed or emergency situation stop.7 Easy Facts About Kuwait Oil Co designs, builds semi-automated 3,000-hp rig to Described- Derate, electrical: – High water temperature level, Crankcase pressure, Aftercooler temperature, Air inlet restriction, Elevation, Exhaust temperature level. – Emergency situation stop push button, situated on cockpit console. – Alarm switches (oil pressure and water temperature level) for connection to customer supplied alarm panel. Unwired. – Beginning System – Air beginning motor, best hand, 620 to 1034 k, Pa (90 to 150 psi), left hand control.Generator – Caterpillar SR4B 1750 KVA or Volvo generator, 2 bearing, 1225 KW, 867 frame,. 7 PF, 600 volt total with Stator RTD’ s, Area heating unit, Bus bar and cable access box. c. A Reliable Source – Standard style Split Core Radiator (56 sq. ft.) with 2 circuits for engine jacket water and after-cooler. Global Petroleum Services The Main Principles Of Drilling Services – tundradwsd. Master Skids – 5 (5) Two-runner oilfield type skids (40′ x 10′ -0″ x 18″) with loading drawbacks on both ends for tail boarding. Skids to consist of the following: – Entirely covered with.” check plate – Drilled and tapped plates for removable arched type roofing connections. – Drilled and tapped plates for elimination of engine pony skid.