What is Alignment In Spirit About

The Philosophy Behind Alignment In Spirit

By Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

I was a child who never accepted the reality given to me.  I always knew and felt and saw more.  As a teenager, I still felt there was more but started to feel and see less even though I still looked beyond the reality given to me “the logical 3D”.  I explored past lives, spiritualism via Christianity, Buddhism, Carlos Castenada and many that I do not remember anymore their names but all shaped my life in one form or another.

As an adult, I put my childish desires aside.  My fears of survival and the perceived need to fit in won out and I became “Normal Logical Katie”.  This worked up until the year 2000, and then my world began to turn upside down.

I know now that my world was actually turning right side up for  I never did really feel “ok”.  My fear of lack and not having enough and that something bad was going to happen had gotten worse, not better.   The illusion of the solid logical 3d reality was beginning to break down.  I still held onto it for many years but it no longer had the power I once gave it.

My God Source First Eternal All’ahh aya-Self was knocking to come in my 3d “Reality Thought bubble” world.  The youth of my childhood, the spark of my Being who chose to co-create with the elements of this beloved Time Space Universe by birthing in.  Now, this spark wanted to be fully and completely expressed in this 3d world. The purpose was as a spiritual Being to expand joyfully in this Bio-Spiritual Universe.

No longer do we need to live under the illusion that the 3d world we live in is a finite solid structure.    This Conscious Awake Aware Source appears as a flash, in one moment, “a void” of darkness, the next moment within the cave of creation sparkly shiny musical sounds of energy that sings and lights up Universes of the human atom.

This powerful Source that flows through the Bio-Spiritual realm of Katie has become known to her as O’She Wha’ Nitah. So the harmonizing of the two has brought about Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah.

My joy in life is to keep waking up to who “I Am” as a God Source First Eternal All’ahh Aya in this Bio-Spiritual Time Space  Thought Bubble Reality”.  I enjoy sharing what I re-member with others to help others re-member who they are.  I do this through blog posts, stories, literature, videos and techniques to support each person to awaken and heal any programs that block re-membering who they are as powerful, joyful creative manifesting God Source 1st Eternal All’ahh Aya.

In my journey, many friends from other planes of existence continue to give me LUV and support in my waking process.  I give much thanks, LUV, and gratitude to the Guardian Alliance/ the Al-Humbhra  Magistracy Council of Cosmiyah and Effi’ah.

We are Multidimensional Beings living in A Bio-Spiritual Universe. We all have a part of us in these councils offering support and assistance to re-membering in a luving, self-sovereign way who we are.

About Alignment In Spirit Inc.™

These teachings Bio-Spiritual Self Help Healing and Self Empowerment Principles of Awareness to *Live Huge Now*, are neither a New nor Old Religion. Rather they are just keys to Re-Awakening the Organic Inner You, to what you have forgotten about your True Being. With this Re-newed knowledge, you will be able to see and know clearly, why you perform certain acts and believe certain things in just the way you do. Please keep an open Mind as you get the first little *aha* moments of Re-membering and then you will rapidly begin to un-ravel the mystery to all the questions that seem to be always Lurking just out of Perceptual Range in your Conscious Mind. These questions are not out of Conscious Perceptual Range by chance, we are running so many programs (like a Computer) that we are totally un-aware of most times. The main purpose of these programs is to keep us locked in (The Little me Box), and by doing so, we forget how to *Live Huge Now*. By Living The Self Empowerment Principles For Awareness, the mis-aligned programs can be corrected and re-aligned rapidly.

What is God Source 1st Eternal (1st Creation mechanics?)
The recognition that we are all of what Creates Worlds with every breath we take.  Each particle in our body holds the wisdom of the ages within it for we are so much more than our intellect tells us.  We are Individuated and Collective but Infinitely Duplicable, each aspect strengthens the other.  We are by nature self-sustaining perpetually renewing Life Force.  1st Creation Creates based on the Kryst code of “Light/ Sound/ ONE” or “Point of Unity” Trinity that perpetually renews itself. The Krystal Spiral is an example of this Technology.

What is 2nd Creation Mechanics?
We have created a perceived finite depleted light existence of not being ONE (Individuated), to step out of our comfort zone to explore the contrast that constructed reality brings.   2nd Creation Technology is created by sleight of hand manipulating of light ie. Removing certain frequency bands and misdirecting energy flows.  2nd Creation Programs sustain their perceived life by how well the 1st Creation / Kryst envisions it.  The Tube Torus and the Fibonacci Spiral are examples of this 2nd Creation technology.

One purpose of Alignment In Spirit is to help us all remember our Individuated (Not Divisible or Frangible) Eternal Being. While we experience the contrast of the sleight of hand of the 2nd Creation construct we are not that, just riding it.  We are God Source 1st Eternal/All’ah  and WE ARE IT.  We have been allowing 2nd Creation programs to run the show for a very long time.  The only power it (2nd Creation) ever has is the power we give it by our own choice, to not take responsibility for our Creations and forgetting who we are.

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Being A.I.S. Publications

What does it mean Being in Alignment In Spirit™ or Being in A.I.S Publications? It means to break away from the confines that we have placed on ourselves, in the name of what we think is “Being Human”. Being in A.I.S. Publications is about redefining how we see our self, other people and our relationship to the World, Galactic and Universal Reality we truly Live in.  No longer can we afford to stay in this Amnesiac State regarding who we are and what we are capable of creating as Powerful God Source First Eternal Beings/ All’ah. Now utilizing Bio-Spiritual Re-Genesis Techniques we can be re-awakened to the Knowledge that:  We All Are IT.

We are all of equal value.  Equal does not mean being the same.  We are all unique expressions of Source retaining all attributes of God Source 1st Eternal/All’ah. No longer can we say that we do not have a major effect on creating our relationships, income or lack of and other conditions of the world we perpetually create around our Self.  The question remains are we going to continue to play (The Victim) to our own schemes and memes, or are we going to break the cycle and be re-awakened through Self Help Bio-Spiritual Re-Genesis?

Being in Alignment In Spirit works with the unique individuus, you, to re-mind you of how to do your own Bio-Spiritual Re-Genesis to Live Hug Now. We do this through stories/varies literature, videos and techniques all designed to focus on your own Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness.

Inspiring and empowering Articles, Videos and Literature focused in waking you up  to who you are as Spiritual Beings living in a Multidimensional Bio-Spiritual Existence utilizing the Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness and other resources.  This is a time of playful awakening for us all.

The Being In Alignment Self Empowerment Principles For Awareness webinar series specifically defined who we are as God Source 1st Eternal and the role 2nd Creation Mechanics has played in us not expressing who we are. Each Webinar had taken us deeper into the Rabbit hole, where reality is hidden.

A variety of resources had been utilized in the making of the webinars but much of the work was taken from Keylontic Science, a branch of The Science of Vibrational Mechanics, presented by E’asha Ashayana of ARhayas Productions (Formerly Azurite Press).

Alignment In Spirit is continually evolving to incorporate Practical hands on techniques in The Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One to practice expressing as the God Source 1st Eternal and other material yet to come.

Now we can include the new Book Series Waking In Alania with Articles focused on the background of the story and character building. Also, will include updates on the status of the second book. And anything else related to the Series.

Waking in Alania Series

A Newly Inspired Sci-Fi Fantasy Series about who we are as Spiritual Beings Living a Multidimensional Bio-Spiritual Existence in a World Really Not So Far Away.

In our distant past (subjective) is a Planet called Tara, an advanced civilization, where people live by the Law of One, they do not eat food to sustain them. However, there is a darkness lurking in the shadows of the Planet’s soul, which has the potential of destroying All Life on Tara.

Kara is from the Continent of Alania, where the Solar Templar Initiates dominate and the people are slowly being drained of their life force energy, which the Solar Templar Initiates use to control Tara’s Planetary Templar (Morphogenetic Field).

Kara meets up with some unlikely characters from New Guam, an Island located between Alania and the continent of Musa. Musa is the last Planetary Stronghold for those that live by the Law of One. Through her encounter with these powerful people who stand between those who live as Self Sovereigns and those that want to dominate all Life everywhere Kara learns about her own innate power as a Self-Sovereign Being.  Can they save Tara?  What does Life on Planet Earth hold for them?

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Moorish Alignment In Spirit Blog

GeoRaMur Aqua El

The True Full-Disclosure Now

The Blog is about getting and sharing Factual Information about The True Moorish Story of Peoples of All The Americas. The Goal is to correct the Ravages of History caused by European storytellers of dubious Integrity.

Current main-stream Science is built on pre-conceived hypothesis supporting many other pre-conceived hypothesesdetermined by statistical data. Only one never really can control all the variables, how-ever since we create our own reality, we can control the outcome of many variables. What is real or truth is the reality we create around us and all that is in our reality field is there because they resonate with our thought/feel intention. That is the only real statistical data we can hold on to, be-cause anything else can be manipulated for their allowed control of (You/ Me/ We/ Us IT.)

In the words of Noel Huntely, “Mainstream science is encountering insurmountable hurdles in its struggle to unravel the many mysteries of existence and the universe. These difficulties are, however, essentially not given publicity, by simply closing down the reach of science into a narrower context, and then with the assistance of the educational system and media, eliminate or deny all phenomena beyond this contextual egotistically-limited boundary. This down-grading psychological ‘procedure’ results in outrageously premature solutions to the great questions of life and the universe. From this can arise scientific convictions which are sheer beliefs. People should be out-raged at what is being thrust upon them through the media, in particular, television, molding with total conviction the vulnerable minds of the young, who, with hardly an exception, carry these ‘scientific’ conclusions into adulthood, and continue to disseminate the dogmas.” (The Emerging New Science, 1911 edition, page 6)