British North America and the War of 1812

A Brief History of British North America

By Arvin

In 1497 John Cabot became the first European to step in the main land of North America since the Vikings long time ago had only been in Vinland and not in the main land of North America. John Cabot’s nationality was Italian but because he was under the commission of Henry VI of England, he claimed the West Coast of North America for England. However, the English people did not settle until 1610. [1], [8]

Soon after the English settlement, at 1611 the French people colonized the Western and some parts of the English colonies and started to send in some of their priests to invite people in those territories to Catholic Christianity. Soon after that the English colony, Jamestown sent Captain Samuel Argall to kill or to make the priests escape. The reason for that is because Britain had started to distrust the Roman Catholics and only believed in Protestant Christianity. [1], [8]

At the 1700s only the British and the French were in charge of West Coast of North America. However that did not last very long and the British started a war with New France (French colonies in North America) and defeated them in 1760. After the war to mainly claim North America, King George III issued the Royal Proclamation that states the British ownership over North America. [4]


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British North America and the War of 1812