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    Aerodynamic equipment such as gas turbines, air compressors, and blowers are widely used as self-cleaning filters with pulse backflushing function using a steel filter cartridge as a filter element. The air dust filter cartridge is the matching filter element for this filter unit. The filter cartridge ensures that the interior of the aerodynamic device is always worn with different dust and the blade has no obvious fouling for many years.
    The new air dust filter cartridge combines cutting-edge film technology with innovative elastomeric filter media. Its advanced structural design makes the filter cartridge last longer and has a higher filtration effect. Cloth, shipbuilding, automobile, railway, chemical, tobacco, pharmaceutical, building materials and other industries have been widely used in the state to solve the problem of dust removal and recycling in the production process, creating a safe, clean and healthy workplace. It can bring huge economic and social benefits to the industry.
    The scope of use
    Shipbuilding (surface treatment, shot blasting) Building materials (dust recycling)
    Locomotive (welding work) food (dustproof, safety protection)
    Tobacco (dust filtration) electricity (dustproof, safety protection)
    Chemical (dust recycling) casting (surface treatment, fumes, casting, falling sand, etc.)
    Concern efficiency
    In use, the filtration efficiency of the self-cleaning filter device increases as the amount of dust accumulated on the drum increases and the resistance increases. When the design operation resistance of the self-cleaning filter is 400-750 MPa, the filtration efficiency of the filter cartridge is 0.5-micron, the filtration efficiency is 95-99.9%, the filtration efficiency of 1 micrometer is 98-99.9%, and the filtration efficiency of 2 micrometer is 99-99.98. The filtration efficiency of % and 5 micrometers is 99.5 to 99.99%.Dust Filter Cartridge