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    Product Code 3061
    Color Translucent
    Viscosity Medium Bodied
    Max VOC <600g/L
    Shelf Life Two Years
    Max Pipe Size 6”(150mm)
    Package 800ml/400ml/200ml/100ml
    Standard ASTM D-2564
    About G-Good
    Taizhou G-Good Adhesives Co., Ltd., was established in 2005, is a production-oriented enterprise with advanced R&D power. In 2018, a 37725m² modern production base was built with full-line of facilities including packing steel can manufacturing. Currently G-Good supplies plastic pipe cements, industrial adhesives and structural adhesives to Europe, America, Middle East & Asia countries, and offers seamless technical & customer service. We welcome the global distribution & OEM business cooperation.
    Production Line
    Advanced automatic filling and packaging lines ensure fast, efficient, accurate finished product order.
    Installation Process
    G-Good is proud to provide customers with comprehensive technical assistance and professional advice for product application, on-site installation training, in order to meet customers’ demand.
    Bailey® Selection Guide
    Bailey® Technical Data Sheet
    Principal and Step of Plastic Piping Connection
    Our Exhibition
    G-Good in Germany Düsseldorf K Show
    ThaiWater 2017
    VietWater 2018
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    Q: Why are there so many kinds of cement?
    There are many types of solvent cement depending on end use, conditions, local codes and contractor requirements. While they all work in a similar manner, special circumstances do exist where benefits can be had using a specialty product, such as All-Temperature in sub freezing conditions, Wet Weld for quick curing strength, or Super Duty cements for large pipe diameters.
    Q: What cement do you recommend when chemicals are flowing through the lines?
    Please email our technical department for job specific application guidelines.
    Q: What are the differences between regular, medium and heavy duty cements?
    Number one is the Viscosity and number two is the pipe size to which it is being applied to.DWV Pipe Glue factory