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    Keratitis is an inflammatory lesion in the cornea containing different causes and mechanisms of advancement. Ailments provoke clouding in the cornea, which results in a significant decline in sight. A concomitant scientific snapshot manifests by itself: , discomfort of a unfamiliar body in the vision, slicing pains, increased susceptibility from the cornea.photophobia and lacrimation Remedy – prescription medication and microsurgical (if corneal ulceration is detected).

    General information about the illness

    Inflammatory diseases from the eyesight are the most common in ophthalmic practice. Conjunctivitis is most often manifested – about 70% of situations of your complete size of vision pathologies. Keratitis occurs no more frequently than 5% of affected individuals.

    The device of development of the illness is closely relevant to the architectural highlights of the conjunctival cavity. Microflora is constantly within it, which, in spite of the least disturbing injury to the cornea, provokes its soreness. In order to restore the optical properties, in most cases, against the background of keratitis, vision is sharply reduced; for correction, it is necessary to use microsurgical techniques.

    In ophthalmic deep, superficial and practice keratitis are notable. Inside the initially situation, the condition is really a consequence of inflammatory pathologies. With shallow lesions, you can find no cicatricial changes, the cornea does not develop cloudy.

    Depending on the nature of the pathology according to the classification, keratitis are:

    bacterial and viral;


    ulcerative and non-ulcerative;


    seasonal keratoconjunctivitis;


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