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    Chapter 1764 – Have No Sense of Security hug brother

    When it comes to registration, they reached a contract. Each day of the very first day, they might check out Mu Ke and Yu Mixi’s university, then go to Chu Peihan’s film academy in the mid-day. In the morning on the next day, they could visit Gu Ning’s college or university.

    After they have been from the parking lot, Cao Yang finally reported, “Um, G.o.ddess Gu, are we able to trade our phone numbers? Make sure you never get me wrong. I simply really praise you and need to make buddies on you.” Cao Yang didn’t would like to be confusing, so he described.

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    The existence of “Tang Aining” built Ji Yijing actually feel frightened, since she was too incredible and built the Tang loved ones a blunder. She didn’t know what “Tang Aining” would do sooner or later.

    Ahead of they separated, Cao Yang considered Gu Ning. It looked he wished to say anything, but he shut his mouth area. Gu Ning believed what he probably would say, but she stated not a thing because he didn’t say something.


    Cao Yang was very fired up when he had Gu Ning’s cellular phone number.

    It wasn’t ahead of time, but there was clearly still a lot of traffic on the highway, so Zhang Zikai wasn’t worried and decreased.

    With regards to registration, they attained a binding agreement. In the morning of the very first day, they could visit Mu Ke and Yu Mixi’s university, then go to Chu Peihan’s motion picture academy from the morning. Each day of your subsequent morning, they could check out Gu Ning’s school.

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    “My daddy possesses a pal that is a billionaire, but he pa.s.sed out in a car automobile accident. His child works video games for hours on end and knows almost nothing about running a business. For that reason, his corporation journeyed bankrupt. His son is around 30 this year, but remains jobless. Fortunately, he could make some dollars by playing video games, or he may struggle to are living,” claimed another of Cao Yang’s good friends.

    Tang Bingsen’s life was from possible danger following he was supplied first aid appropriate when he fainted that nights, but he didn’t wake until this evening. After he awoke, he seemed slow-moving and stayed private on a regular basis. When many people questioned him what had occurred, he explained not a thing and merely chased them outside and remained by itself.

    “Of program,” said Gu Ning. Because he asked for it, Gu Ning wouldn’t reject, and she presented him her contact number.

    “Of training course,” reported Gu Ning. Because he requested it, Gu Ning wouldn’t refuse, and she presented him her telephone number.

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    After you have night time goodies, it absolutely was very late and they gone returning to their very own your home.

    Besides, they thought that Tang Bingsen’s ailment wasn’t serious, unfortunately he was receiving much worse and a whole lot worse. It wasn’t easy to relocate him today.

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    On the daytime, Gu Ning known as Jing Yunyao. There had been almost nothing particular, and she simply possessed a everyday talk with her on the phone. Gu Ning advised her to you can also call her if she essential anything.


    Cao Yang was very excited when he possessed Gu Ning’s mobile phone number.

    After having your morning meal, Gu Ning visited the company to function, although Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi liked themselves as always. There had been still two weeks from the their registration, so they decided to make whole utilization of the time.

    Immediately after functioning each morning, Yu Mixi went to put together the morning meal.

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    Presently, food have been put on the dining room table and disturbed the embarra.s.sing out environment. They also modified the topic and also the surroundings became vibrant.

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    The presence of “Tang Aining” built Ji Yijing experience frightened, because she was too incredible and produced the Tang household a clutter. She didn’t know what “Tang Aining” would do in the foreseeable future.

    When “Tang Aining” showed up, one thing unpleasant needs to have transpired, or Tang Bingsen wouldn’t be like that now.