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    Tian Mo Shen Tan
    In fact whether it is the phantom of magic or the virtual shadow in martial arts it is definitely not an unfashionable skill as Leo and Night Moon said On the contrary it is absolutely impossible for an ordinary person to do something like Leo which can make the body break away without any trace and leave a virtual shadow with a sense of reality or like the night moon which is so lifelike that even magic can be sent out To put Steel racking system it bluntly with these two moves alone they can eat half of the magicians or martial artists in the world But unfortunately each other are not ordinary people such means are not even used to confuse each other’s qualifications when the two people’s shadow is still hot there the original has already met here In the middle of the battle the defensive Leo clearly saw the disadvantage she was in not to mention that the spirit of the night moon was enough for her to maintain this attack It doesn’t matter if you fight for three days and three nights and don’t discuss how unwise it is for a martial artist in close combat to fight with a magician who is good at long-range attack at such a distance of about ten meters Just seeing the relaxed and happy night moon while he is a little confused by these perfunctory attacks Leo feels a little itchy With a snort Leo who was determined to change his position as master and slave suddenly got lucky
    The gas shield that had been only in front of his fist suddenly disappeared but the flaming light on his palm rekindled and even spread to his shoulders Waving his arms he did not dodge the attacks around him and Leo rushed directly to the night moon! Anyway these attacks in the night moon in order to save time and effort the power is not big although it will be a little painful but eat a few notes is no big deal! Night moon first is a Leng then to the attempt of Leo in the chest the corners of the mouth raised a rather evil smile night moon simply stopped the attack waiting for Leo to come to her For the action and expression of the night moon Leo instinctively felt a little inappropriate but also did not change his original intention straight forward toward the night moon but the heart is playing a hundred and twenty thousand alert but he knows too much about the magic of the night moon! Not allowing Leo to think the short distance of more than ten meters under the speed of Leo almost flew over in the blink of an eye When Leo came to the front of the night moon he wanted to give a punch first but when Leo was almost within reach of the night moon when he saw the faint blue light from the hair Leo’s punch which had been full of strength could not go out Not only did Leo give up the punch which was almost easy to get but he used all his strength to retreat violently at a faster and more violent speed than the oncoming force and even had no time to turn around Just left less than three steps the night moon face sly smile is more obvious at the same time laughed “too late!” ” Words just said the night moon’s side suddenly eerily appeared a very violent and huge lift-off cyclone live is a very terrible tornado and then look carefully the strong air flow with a blue air blade you can imagine how this tornado will end up! And although Leo said to see the opportunity early but it is also a little too late although the retreat is very fast but it is not enough for him to retreat completely just a few steps away from the power of the tornado! Fortunately Leo had been prepared when the tornado cyclone appeared Leo’s body has been suffused with a strong red light almost the whole figure of Leo is shrouded in this light at the same time Leo also shouted “crazy thunder and lightning!” In a flash the right fist of Leo Qi Yun gathered all his strength and threw a violent fist into the void outside the tornado With the momentum of the fist the whole person flew out of the power range of the tornado
    This move was originally developed by Leo to pursue the enemy He gathered his strength on the fist followed the fist and rushed to kill the enemy at a very fast speed But now it seems that it is quite convenient to get out of trouble At least Leo looks a little embarrassed but he is also unharmed out of the tornado full of sharp teeth sent out by the night moon As soon as Leo left the range of the tornado the tornado disappeared without a trace at the same time revealing the night moon in the center of the tornado Looked at the night moon on the top of the head of the shining blue glory of the wind beads Leo could not help but cry “Hello!”! Night Moon do you have any professional dedication! Don’t you know The sorcerer’s close combat ability should be very bad! Why do you always do that It’s right for the magician to hit people far away for fun but when they come to you you should admit defeat obediently How can I come here every time to attract tornadoes I can’t do it It’s too mean! The night moon flicked her finger and suddenly five colors of light flew out of her body It was the six holy beads of the six spirits She spread out her hands and said “All right!”! Since you have said so fire rain ice broken rock broken light erosion see which one you prefer when you come back later I will put that one! Leo a stagnation compared to the five he suddenly felt that the tornado seems to be more relaxed at least to deal with the tornado he has some experience Couldn’t help swallowing saliva Leo shook his head a little dumbfounding way “I think it’s better to” The words have not finished Leo suddenly a tiger attack two hands big five fingers merged into a palm knife while toward the direction of the night moon but at the same time eerily constantly rotating from a distance looks like a red tornado full of strong power The night moon raised her eyebrows slightly When did Leo learn the habit of stopping the wind and suddenly attacking in the middle of his words But it’s not difficult for her! Two hands gently merged in front of the chest ten fingers like blooming lotus repeatedly compared a series of wonderful gestures at the same time from the night moon in all directions of the void constantly appeared a faint blue point of light rapidly gathered in front of the night moon into a bowl-sized blue light ball then the light ball like a seed Finally it even bloomed a Chiba water lotus in full bloom