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    Midnight Hades Marriage: The Apical Pet of the King of Hell
    In front of us isn’t it Mr Brown the devil dean! He wore a white coat with an amiable smile on his face which was like a spring breeze but gave people a creepy feeling Those pale gray eyes mingled with excitement and perverted light as I saw in the portrait! I can’t help but sigh at the superb painting skills of the painter who can paint his expression and even the expression in his eyes all the year round on the portrait Industrial pallet rack He is like a kind doctor who routinely inspects patients every day to see if they are well and whether they are in good health His reaction on the contrary made my stomach churn and I wanted to vomit! Dressed in a proper white coat with an angelic appearance and a demonic heart this man named Brown besides being a devil what else can I call him He reminded me of some psychopathic killers in foreign movies I kept feeling cold in my heart I opened my mouth and wanted to scold him severely in English Then I realized that I couldn’t speak Oh my baby! Tut don’t speak don’t open your mouth Have you been waiting for a long time Now you have to give yourself for my little angel It’s all worth it He touched my face with his big hairy hands and said softly “Is it my illusion or my real touch I feel him touching my skin” The temperature on the hand is unusually cold! 252 Shh I’ll let you go My God the man in front of me is like a gentleman What else is he! His eyes glowing with excitement and bloodlust made my whole body stiff and I felt as if the blood in my body was about to coagulate The sound of heavy breathing came from my ear
    I thought it was Brown’s voice but it wasn’t It was sent by “I” He ran his thick palms down my face then my neck then my body in a hospital gown and though he praised and comforted me his eyes could not deceive me He can’t wait to gut me! I could even predict that he would suddenly raise a knife and plunge it into my chest! “Oh look at your face how delicate and beautiful it is That’s why I chose you Only in this way can you be worthy of my little angel” Out of nowhere he took out a dirty mirror and put it above my face It was at this moment that I understood my current situation and relieved my previous doubts I was just wondering why I became a part of this memory not a bystander as if I were personally on the scene when I was looking back on my memory The woman in the mirror was not my appearance at all She had the peculiar appearance of a foreigner She had blonde hair and blue eyes Her short blonde hair was slightly brown Her eyes were as clear as the blue of the sea But now her face was full of fear and fear and her mouth was stuffed with a broken cloth! She was very beautiful I looked at her eyes carefully and was surprised to find that there was no madness or confusion in her eyes Obviously the foreign woman who was tied up here was definitely not a patient in the hospital! But a normal person! And I also realized that my consciousness was attached to this woman! So I can completely from her perspective to see to feel the occurrence of this disaster! Even I can’t believe this development which has no scientific explanation but at this moment the situation is urgent obviously Brown is not willing to wait any longer and can’t wait to wear a mask! My body began to tremble violently I was even nervous and frightened with the poor woman My body was wet I could clearly feel that my buttocks were cold and cool The poor woman was so scared that she peed her pants
    “Oh no no you can’t do that!” Brown seemed to be mentally disturbed again holding his head in his hands and shouting shaking his head in the middle of his mask and shouting at me “You can’t do this!”! This is not beautiful! My little angel won’t like you! When it comes to the whole mental hospital the most psychopath is Mr Brown and I’m beginning to wonder if the patients here are not psychopaths at all This kind of conjecture is magnified endlessly in my mind! Is it possible that this mental hospital is a complete gimmick in fact the purpose of its existence is only to give Brown a safe place to plan and experiment Cold sweat kept coming out from behind and when Brown saw that I had peed in my pants he pulled out a thick long whip out of nowhere and was about to whip me! All of a sudden! There was a loud human noise and noisy footsteps at the top of the stairs in the distance Brown’s face was blue and there was a shadow in his eyes He immediately took off his mask took an empty bottle from a shelf on one side and left the room in a hurry heading for the stairs He muttered some curses in his mouth I only understood a few of the most familiar curses Because he spoke too fast and I was nervous I didn’t understand them at all I narrowed my eyes The voice from the office just now felt like someone had searched here Could it be that before the mental hospital was sealed up someone had realized the weirdness of this place and sent someone to check it early I don’t know exactly how far back in Emily’s memory I’ve come but I do know that this is my only chance of survival If I hold on to it I can get out of here and tell the world all the evil things Brown has done! Sure enough the woman on the iron plate began to struggle even if I attached to her but I can only feel her despair and unwillingness but I can not really help her anything Not long after Brown left a soft child’s voice came from the side Shh don’t talk Then came the creaking of the door as it was opened the rumbling of the wheels as they rubbed against the floor and a touch of pure white and gold before my eyes It’s Emily