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    Gently turned his head and looked at Yi Chi Lan Yin gave endless swim spa a rare smile and said “It’s equivalent to between six and seven stars but my body is very special so my fighting capacity is much stronger just like this star beast The strength of this star beast itself is equivalent to the six-star God but even if his opponent is the nine-star God he can’t do anything about it” Gently nodded indeed the difference in race itself is huge just like one the original actual repair is not high but also only seven stars of the true God but if the use of the devil after the change that is the strength of the God level all of a sudden across a few stars level ah of course this is also because Yi Chi’s body of the devil is congenital Otherwise there would not have been such a big span in Samsung I don’t know how my demon body compares with these starry beasts In the heart secretly thought at this time a burst of footsteps came over Yi Chi turned his head to look immediately laughed It’s all right if you come Let’s take a look at this rare battle together “Yi Chi could not help pointing to the screen above” Ha ha ha isn’t this the fierce beast in the starry sky Why was it entangled by these two guys as soon as it came out Is this called bad character Looking at the screen above with a smile on his face he saw that all the blood killings were proud to say He is a beast good or not where there will be human character ah then animal character “came forward with a smile on his face Chi Liang put his arm around the shoulder of blood killing and said with a smile” Good good this guy has no character at all “He stepped forward with the same smile and Ruoyu seemed to have recovered completely and he could not see what he looked like before” So many people have come naturally will not leave behind the favorite Yitang Yitang walked to the front with a smile on his face stretched out his hand a little and suddenly a long table appeared in the open space followed by a row of chairs Come on sit down and watch They can’t win or lose if they don’t fight for a few days and nights “Then Yi Tang sat down on a chair beside him” Smiling and sitting down Yi Chi could not help saying “Guess who will win” “I choose this star fierce beast at least he is famous” This is the choice of blood killing ” Then I will choose the two gods after all it is two against one “This is Chi Liang’s choice” I choose those two gods too “I choose the Star Beast and I know I won’t lose by looking at its size” “I choose the Lord of God and at least I am the Lord of God” …… After everyone finished choosing Yi Chi could not help looking at Yi Tang with a smile and said with a smile “What do you choose Why don’t we have some luck” Looking at Yi Chi with a smile Yi Tang couldn’t help smiling He nodded his head and said “Well I’ll bet on the Star Beast to win If I lose I’ll give you a chance to enter any world” Smiled Yi Chi is not very concerned about this lottery they play is just a happy picture but a little lottery then naturally more happy After seeing Yi Tang all take out the first prize Yi Chi also said with a smile “I bet that none of them can win If they lose I will give you this number” Yi Chi held out a hand and gestured Oh ~ “suddenly looked at Yi Chi Yi Tang could not help but smile helplessly he finally fell into the trap of Yi Chi” But now that the words have been spoken naturally there is nothing to go back on just spend money to buy a lesson At this time the battle in the picture became more and more intense After the tentative attack both sides began to use their own proud attacks Each attack would fragment the surrounding space and countless space fragments were abundant in that space With a roar Morion whose face was flushed because of the extreme atmosphere could not help but slap him hard and at the same time he himself was knocked out by the force of the shock The star beast’s defense is much stronger than he imagined even with his eight-star God’s strength can not hurt it now although they play evenly in fact the two of them simply can not hurt each other can only be spent here
    And at this time they both do not know now there is a group of people watching their battle but also under the lottery as if their battle as a drama in general if they know it is estimated that they will be angry to death in the past PS Thank you for the monthly ticket of Flying Universe and I and Bloodthirsty 0 Demon Child Thank you three With your support I have the motivation to continue writing Thank you Dou Shen relics chapter 488 domineering style Chapter 488 domineering style (second watch) In the stars The battle is still going on as time goes on both sides of the battle understand that they can not really hurt each other and at this time the star beast also slowly calmed down began to sprout a retreat Unlike the starry beast Morion still did not intend to let go of the other side in the battle nor was he willing to let his son die in vain But after a long battle he also knew that he could not go on like this and that fighting like this for hundreds of years would not be fruitful and they did not have so much time to waste At that moment Mojat who had been cutting at the opposite starry beast with a knife suddenly cut empty only to see where there was the figure of the starry beast on the opposite side He turned his head and ran away emotionally Stop him “When he saw him running away Morion who was still thinking shouted anxiously that if he ran away they would never find each other again in their lives” Seeing that the star beast had run to the periphery at the same time the gods who had been watching well had to face the terrible guy again and blocked his way one after another Bastard get out of my way “Although the star beast doesn’t care about their attack at all his speed will be greatly slowed down by them and then naturally he will not be able to escape If he keeps fighting he will be depressed to death”