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    The man didn’t bother hot tub spa manufacturers and hung up the phone But when she got off work there was a bag of fruit and a note in the duty room of the kindergarten This man’s name is Zhao Lei He did not leave a phone number but a name and tropical fruit that he would bring almost every month in the future Xiaotao really loves to eat even because the fruit is not so exclusive to Zhao Lei’s impression at the beginning Cao Xiangxiang would put two hundred yuan every time and Zhao Lei would take it away every time They never talked to each other again Cao Xiangxiang once secretly called back the fixed phone but it turned out to be a public phone in a small shop not too far from the kindergarten Zhao Lei insists on sending fruits at least once a month big mangoes big jackfruit beautifully packaged and sweet And Cao Xiangxiang met Shen Jingzhe They looked so much alike that she was dumbfounded when she saw Shen Jingzhe She put a letter in the duty room telling him about Shen Jingzhe and thanking him for the fruit She is a person who will not refuse people and Zhao Lei has not done anything to make her uncomfortable from beginning to end but sent fruit for more than half a year she felt that this thank-you letter should be A week later she received another strange landline call When she picked it up her heart beat faster for no reason The voice on the other end of the phone was no longer deep hoarse as if he had been drugged on TV but he insisted on finishing his words He asked her not to tell Shen Jingzhe about meeting him He told her that he had no way to send her fruit for the time being and that he would come back in about half a year Before hanging up the phone he hesitated for a long time and then asked her how Shen Jingzhe looked Do you look well He asked cautiously in a hoarse voice Cao Xiangxiang stared at the strange phone call It’s the area code for County X Where are you She heard herself ask quietly This silence was maintained until Zhao Lei was seen in the dilapidated room burning his whole face and covering the suppurated wound on his arm His face was livid his eyes were sunken and his face was covered with beard residue I’m not a bad person Zhao Lei stared at her and blocked the door to prevent her from entering I¬†know Cao Xiangxiang’s small stature passed through his armpit and walked smoothly into the house She took care of him for half a month His throat was completely burned out and there were inexplicable scars on his body He had a high fever of 40 degrees and insisted on not going to the hospital She silently agreed to buy medicine change the dressing for his wound and everything was done quietly You paid for the fruit When Zhao Lei was finally about to recover he carefully refused once If it’s for the fruits every month she doesn’t have to do that at all If you want to refuse refuse earlier Cao Xiangxiang helped him tidy up the gauze on his arm and retreated a little distance There was no air conditioning in the room only a fan and she was sweating on the tip of her hot nose A little earlier I don’t want to refuse Because of his hoarse voice he frowned when he spoke Cao Xiangxiang did not speak she just looked up at him and then turned away She couldn’t say why At first it was just impulsive because when he asked Shen Jingzhe how he looked his tone was too aggrieved like a child whose parents in the kindergarten class did not pick him up on time Later it was because he blocked the door and told her that he was not a bad person Still aggrieved tone eyes flashing like a child who has done something bad and can’t go home She could not distinguish her emotions but she knew that what he said was true that he was not a bad person This half month is the hottest half month in X County When she wears summer clothes to disinfect his wound she will inevitably bend down Sometimes she is too focused and will be exposed carelessly He had never peeked the only time he saw it his face turned red quickly coughed heavily and asked her to pull up her clothes in a rough voice Zhao Lei is a good man She knew it from the beginning when she drove the truck into the pillar She thought that she probably wanted to help because he was a good man Because this good man seemed to hide a lot of secrets that could not be told he did not dare to get too close to her nor did he dare to go too far He likes her Cao Xiangxiang looked at the tropical fruit that began to be delivered regularly again and this time he did not pay him another two hundred yuan
    She knew he hadn’t gone far Occasionally she could see him wandering outside her window when she closed the window at night and occasionally when she passed the empty alley she knew she was following him She thought about it for a long time This is a man full of secrets a good man She actually fell in love with him at first sight Otherwise you wouldn’t have heard his voice and recognized him after so long; you wouldn’t have secretly called back the landline phone; and you wouldn’t be alone in the middle of the night looking for him I need to give Xiaotao a registered permanent residence When Zhao Lei appeared at her window again she went downstairs and looked up at him Zhao Lei blushed and was in a daze I need a married identity to give Xiaotao a registered permanent residence to go to school She repeated with her face up Zhao Lei quickly petrified Cao Xiangxiang waited for two minutes Then the man in front of her got down on one knee and put a rope around her ring finger We’re getting married He said Give me two years I can’t give you anything for the time being I’ll give you everything in two years His promise which sounds very unreliable comes out of his mouth with great sincerity OK Cao Xiangxiang nodded Then she really waited for two years changed places and was well protected by the police When she saw her husband wanted she firmly told the police that her husband was a good man He is really a good man Except that Zhao Lei’s pseudonym was used when the marriage was registered She was angry for a long time usually do not like angry people suddenly angry determined to let Shen Hongjun afraid It’s just she’s soft after all Even after seeing him his eyes were red immediately Three years after she married him he finally gave her a wedding