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    Seeing so many flower girls it is estimated that they are all happy and want to cry So at this time I still have a common language with Comrade Chu Zelin-he is sitting on the edge of the shooting range wearing a pair of anti-noise elastic earplugs frowning An uncomfortable expression of constipation on his face The sound of gunfire is as dense as firecrackers during the Spring Festival Three flags were erected between dozens of targets One of the red flags was broken by a “sharpshooter” of our company in the sound of gunfire Yes the drillmaster was amazed But after it fell I couldn’t tell which target it was Breathing becomes rapid and blood boils ~ ~ ~ ~ Get out-I want to Since we were locked up here for military training even a fly has never been seen flying out of the high wall of the compound Except for that training (and that training I actually killed the chicken! We haven’t been out of this military district again We are all eighteen or nineteen years old with excess energy and we really miss the outside world We are used to the colorful world outside and we really can’t bear the poverty inside-I don’t think it’s something to be ashamed of not to enjoy or degenerate just It’s just a different lifestyle Besides it’s just a night out When the three of us were sneaking around the corner of the backyard of the barracks like a thief Liu Dou and Shaman were already hidden in the shadows Looks like these guys have been planning for a long time Thanks to the drillmaster’s strictness a few days ago now we are agile and silent when we fall to the ground and the wild geese go to the pool without taking pictures! Everyone felt the corner and went all the way carefully avoiding Gao The searchlights on the tower as well as the street lamps on the ground were as serious as members of the special forces infiltrating behind enemy lines to destroy them I followed them nervously and I really admired them Mom to tell the truth Hexi Walking Wolf and a Niu should be agents! Really is not covered unexpectedly has found out the military region within a hundred miles of picket night patrol route and how the sentry line of sight is how to cross the searchlight how long a round trip !! As soon as we touched a vegetable garden in the military district As soon as I saw it I couldn’t help sighing What are the grandchildren of the FBI and the KGB Nuo Da How did they find this half-headed wall in the vegetable garden Six buckets of lunges hands folded in front of us signaled us to start jumping I ran up quickly flew into the air and stepped on the palm of six buckets As soon as the six buckets were held my hands just reached the edge of the wall and my feet kicked on the wall again and I turned over and sat down On the top of the wall The movements were so smooth and perfect that even I couldn’t help applauding What if the drillmaster happens to check us tonight I sat on the top of the wall still a little uneasy “Should not say ‘I get up in the middle of the night to exercise suddenly” However he felt as light as a swallow and climbed out of the wall without paying attention! Now that I’m out of the wall I’ll go to have supper by the way ?” “How could it be so coincidental!”! More than half of the military training has passed The target has been hit today and there is only a military parade left The instructors should not check the night right A Niu also jumped up Diameter tape measure Yes military training is tight before and loose after It’s all right Hurry up and go down Liu Dou urged Thinking about it I jumped down from the wall and decided to rush to the beautiful and happy nightlife We don’t know that our jump has made the most legendary night in the history of military training in our school The night wind is howling We ran wildly on the empty road for nearly twenty minutes and when we finally saw the lights of the world we all said with tears in our eyes “Mom I’m Hu Hansan back again!!!” If we have done so much before then we have described in detail the process of running away from the barracks As a result we just went to the Internet bar to surf the Internet after we ran out Suspected of deceiving the people But no way who let here is the combination of suburbs Although not birds do not shit turtles do not lay eggs but there is absolutely no debauchery Moreover even if there is any exciting entertainment we dare not go to that occasion because we wear camouflage clothes Although do not have the brand of military training but If someone misses us won’t we ruin the reputation of the PLA uncles and discredit them Entered the Internet bar a Niu they have played CS to extend the excitement of today’s target practice to the game and they can’t wait to go to the chat room for a long time of sexual depression Soak MM I habitually first opened the forum of the high school class and saw the old monitor of our high school and mottled bamboo put the wanted post on the top clamoring “Han Jian that boy is here!” Have you finished the military training If you don’t appear again destroy him! I laughed I had been in military training for more than 20 days unconsciously When I left home I still grabbed the doors and windows and screamed On top of my wanted poster there is another wanted poster which has been on the top for two years and I have already memorized the contents of it That person will probably never know that the Internet In fact there is a small house built for him in which there are a group of children who miss him I put my finger on his name in the title Just three words but how many nights have these three lonely syllables lingered on my lips On my fingers it blooms into white flowers I I stayed in the Internet bar for three hours and after I came out I went to a roadside food stall for supper A Niu forbade me to drink on the grounds that my hand was injured so I had to be extremely depressed Sit quietly while sucking Wahaha AD calcium milk and watch other people blow bottles and dance striptease without manners The proprietress of the food stall looked at us in surprise and kept saying “You are students of military training why don’t you go back to the army” As a result it was not 12 o’clock He tried to drive us away We had to go back with half a kilo of beef packed Touching back to the wall with great accuracy and coming in again we found that the situation was obviously wrong as soon as we took two steps All the searchlights were turned on sweeping like crazy and there was a faint noise in the distance sometimes mixed with two or three barks of dogs We looked at each other the heart is a stomp is not it was found What to do