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    Jiang Hong shook his head slightly and said “No I’ll go to Lincheng in person It’s troublesome for you to stay in Lincheng After all Lincheng is not our territory If you expose your identity there the situation will be very unfavorable to you and it will also affect our next move” The Blue Sea Demon King nodded slightly and said “Yes!”! Subordinates understand I’m going to do it Bihai Demon King finished gave Jiang Hongshen a gift then turned around and rushed to the direction of Lincheng After Bihai Demon King left Xu Tiancheng turned to Jiang Hong and said “Brother Jiang in fact it’s okay to let Bihai Demon King stay in Lincheng One more person means one more strength After all we have too few people” Jiang Hong shook his head slightly and said “No in fact it’s enough to have Cen Yufei alone The others are all ornaments Our purpose is to get rid of the Lord of Lincheng and his confidants As for the suzerain and the Lord of other clans it’s better to surrender When we first arrived in Lincheng we still need these people to help us stabilize Lincheng Therefore These people can’t be eliminated Taishang Zhenren smiled indifferently and said “The fourth brother is right Of course those big shots in Lincheng can still surrender one by one After all the Dark Hades has already given us the Black Hades Sect to do this If we can’t use the power of the Black Hades City of course it’s better to rely on ourselves After all Lincheng will be our base camp in the future” Xu Tiancheng nodded slightly Jiang Hong said is also very reasonable now Jiang Hong and the black jade butterfly situation at that time is completely different at that time the black jade butterfly has the great wisdom king and Yu Wenxiao control in the palm of his hand no matter how she does let the black jade butterflies themselves but now Jiang Hong and others are not good and the Lord of Lincheng can not leave alive This is the most difficult place for Jiang Hong In this case if the suzerain of Lincheng is killed it will only make Lincheng become a sheet of loose sand If you want to gather these loose sand again it will be difficult to climb the sky Even these monks who have lost their clan are likely to flee to other big cities which will bring a lot of trouble to Lincheng Well it’s good to do so as long as those powerful suzerains are controlled Lincheng can fall into our hands completely but whether these suzerains will submit to us is a big problem Xu Tiancheng said thoughtfully to Jiang Hongdao Jiang Hong said with a slight smile “Oh this is not difficult As long as they understand the severity of this plus the Lord of Lincheng is dead they have no one to take refuge in If they don’t submit to the Black Hades City their lives will be in danger In this way in the face of interests of course they will choose to submit But what is really difficult is the future development of Lincheng” If we are always in a weak position on the spot we will have a lot of trouble because Lincheng is in a vital place to fight on all sides the first thing we have to do is to strengthen our own strength Diameter tape measure Xu Tiancheng nodded and said “I don’t think it’s difficult just to strengthen ourselves We can think of a way to do this later The most important thing at the moment is to control Lincheng in our hands” “Oh” said Huayu Tianjun with a smile “according to the fourth brother’s plan it’s not difficult to hold Lincheng in our hands” The rest of the crowd nodded in agreement Chapter three hundred and nine jade spirit Tianzun arrogant Jiang Hong cleverly into Lincheng When Bihai Demon King entered Lincheng no one in Lincheng realized that the danger was coming Even Yuling Tianzun the Lord of Lincheng did not think that the Black Hades City would attack Lincheng in such a short time After all the Dark Hades King had just occupied Peng City and Bibo City two powerful cities Even if it was a rest it would take some time When Bihai Demon King came to Lincheng he found that there was still no alert in Lincheng until now The gates were wide open and there was no interrogation of the monks in the past It seemed that Daguang had not fallen into chaos tomorrow It was no wonder that the defense of Lincheng was so lax Lincheng in the land of four wars no matter which side of the forces wanted to fight with Lincheng they had to have scruples Furthermore Yuling Tianzun has already calculated everything no matter which side of the forces intend to intervene in Lincheng he will directly to the other three forces for help with the forces of the three sides to restrict any one of them is not difficult and at the same time there are three forces involved in Lincheng no matter which side wants to become dominant in the city is a delusion In this way Yuling Tianzun not only took advantage of the other three forces but also kept his position as the Lord of the city According to common sense Yuling Tianzun’s plan is also very feasible and in the case of Daguang’s melee situation tomorrow Lincheng’s own strength is very weak and it can only protect itself in this way As a result Lincheng has become a big light tomorrow the only undefended city whether monks or saints in Lincheng can be in and out at will no one will block the way to check the blue sea demon king almost effortlessly then entered Lincheng and in Lincheng everywhere to find out the news in fact like the blue sea demon king there are not a few but Other people’s purpose is only to understand the recent situation in Lincheng not ulterior motives therefore the Bihai Demon King’s every move no one noticed at all After three or four days of probing the blue sea demon king has basically mastered the situation of Lincheng speaking of Lincheng the real strength of the clan is only two and compared with the big clan of Bibo city there is also a gap in strength to deal with the two clans for the black Ming Zong it is not difficult and the Lord Jade Spirit Tianzun’s confidant in fact there are only three or four people Most of these people’s magic power is only the realm of Lingzun simply can not be compared with Jiang Hong and others a single person can kill all four people After the blue sea demon king inquired about all these situations he returned to the Black Hades and told Jiang Hong the inside story Jiang Hong listened and was secretly happy It seemed that Yuling Tianzun had not thought of what kind of danger he would face and only when the other party was unaware of it could the surprise attack get the desired effect