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    Fiberglass tape measure As soon as Zhan Yin looked up he said coldly “How can you allow others to snore and sleep beside the bed” Ximen Tai thought for a moment and sighed “All right!”! Everything is up to you but please give me a time limit Zhan Yin nodded and said “That’s negotiable I’ll leave here with you before sunrise tomorrow” Ximen Tai hung his head in silence for a moment Then he looked up and said resolutely “Your Excellency is satisfied today But remember one day I will recapture Feng Ling and rebuild the Four Gods Gang here” Zhan Yin smiled carelessly and said “Maybe one day because I will be dead by then” “Not bad” said Ximen Tai in a deep voice! Either you are dead or I am dead As long as I Ximen Tai have a breath I will remember your gift today “Strong” said Zhan Yin! Strong! Of the three you are still a little human so I give you a promise that no matter when and where we meet again in the future I will never take your life Ximen Tai was speechless He just stared at him fiercely and went back Qi Sanlian also followed Gu Fei stayed at the end wanted to move but did not dare to move Zhan Yin looked at him coldly and said “What else is there to fight for” Gu Fei was slightly surprised but he immediately returned to his original state and ran back Zhan Yin smiled and said “Take your time I won’t ask you for a sword today but I hope you can take good care of it Don’t let others rob you” Gu Fei’s footsteps paused slightly but immediately he was as anxious as a lost dog and flew away Zhan Yin looked at his back and couldn’t help laughing proudly But his laughter did not last long Because a man came down slowly from the hill a commoner in a green shirt with a graceful expression just like a jade tree facing the wind He is Wei Mingyuan! His face was solemn and awestruck Zhan Yin hurriedly shut his mouth lost that calm even the hands and feet are cramped up Old rain building scanning bbmm OCR exclusive serialization : 28\ 042 Chapter 42 love to the depth of love is infinite love to the cut love is omnipotent The boundless snowfield is silvery white the mountains are white the trees are white and the ground is white There were two small black spots standing in the plain white of the silver and they were two people Wei Mingyuan said solemnly “Is it possible for us to be heard when we talk here” Zhan Yin listened attentively around and said “It’s impossible There’s no one around for ten miles” Wei Mingyuan nodded but changed a more gentle tone “Then we can have a good talk” “Yes Dad we haven’t talked for a long time” Zhan Yin whispered Wei Mingyuan paused and said “I’m afraid we’ve never had a good talk son!”! I admit that I have failed you as a father in the past Zhan Yin was slightly excited and said “Dad!”! Don’t say that you are a very human being and you bear most of the responsibility Wei Mingyuan sighed and said “I am not qualified to be called an extraordinary person Everything about me is very ordinary” Zhan Yin’s eyes flashed with light and he said “But what you have done what you have suffered are all extraordinary” Wei Mingyuan said “The problem is here an ordinary person has an extraordinary burden so busy life even the education of their children are neglected Diameter tape measure ” “Dad” said Zhan Yin in fear “but what did I do wrong” Wei Mingyuan said “All your actions make it impossible to find out the mistakes but I always feel that something is wrong” Zhan Yin was puzzled and said “Dad!”! I don’t know what you mean Wei Mingyuan thought a little and said “Let me give you an example Let’s take today’s behavior” “What did I do wrong today” Asked Zhan Yin “I don’t know what’s wrong” said Wei Mingyuan “You handled it very well You didn’t kill a single person” Zhan Yin’s eyes flashed and he said “These villains a hundred deaths are not enough to redeem their deeds especially that Gu Fei” But I didn’t kill them for a reason “Oh!” Said Wei Mingyuan in surprise! So you have an ulterior motive “Yes” said Zhan Yin proudly! I deliberately told Gu Fei that Zhuo Fang betrayed him and then let him go and did not take back the sword from him just want him to deal with Zhuo Fang later ” “Then you have ulterior motives in forming an alliance with the Tianxiang Sect” said Wei Mingyuan “Of course” said Zhan Yin “How could I help them against you I’ve seen the Tianxiang Sect’s Enchanted Girls It’s a bit fierce so I want to use Gu Fei to pin her down” Wei Mingyuan was silent for a moment and then said “Stop violence with violence I can’t send you anything wrong” But you shouldn’t have done that to Simon Tai “You mean the Phoenix Plume he left behind” said Zhan Yin Wei Mingyuan nodded and Zhan Yin said with a smile “I didn’t know he had such a treasure but then I thought you didn’t have any sharp weapon” Wei Mingyuan smiled indifferently and said “So you did that for me” Zhan Yin took out Feng Ling and said “Yes this bird feather is even more miraculous than Gan Jiang Moye Your sprightly spirit and unique skill together with this rare treasure are more suitable” As he handed over the feather Wei Mingyuan pushed it away with his hand and solemnly said “Your filial piety is sensible but I won’t accept it” Zhan Yin was stunned and said “Dad I am sincere” Wei Mingyuan nodded and said “I know but I’ve never taken anything in my life I’m thirsty and don’t drink the water from the stolen spring What a treasure it is to pick up flowers and jade hands But when I returned it to the broken-hearted man I didn’t have a trace of reluctance not to mention the thing I took by force” Zhan Yin blushed and said shyly “Then you can use my male sword The source is absolutely innocent” Wei Mingyuan still shook his head and said “I don’t want it I’ll still use that iron sword handed down from my family It was handed down from your grandfather A gentleman should not forget his roots He should be born from his roots” Zhan Yin said shamefacedly “Dad you are so great” Wei Mingyuan and Zhuang Rong did not change “It’s not great” he said in a golden voice “It’s the basic attitude of being a man” Zhan Yin pondered for a moment and then said “But I left Ximen Tai’s treasure for another purpose” “You have a lot of intentions” said Wei Mingyuan “Tell me about it” Zhan Yin said “It’s like this ferocious man If he has a sharp weapon the disaster will be even worse I’m pulling out the claws of a tiger and removing the stings of a bee I want to reduce his dependence on doing evil” 。