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    The silver disappeared in a flash and he couldn’t follow it Moreover it Fiberglass tape measure was clear that they could not speak openly

    otherwise they would riot They were not so cowardly as to ask for a woman who had a great hatred for them I’m afraid Luoyu was killed by the masters of Wangtianya before he reached

    Wangtianya Feng Wuxin stretched out his hand and rubbed his nose “Yes” he said baring his teeth It seems that he has to concentrate on the beginning of the search for the feather do not he

    has not found someone the feather was killed by others or the cloud can not support that time on That’s his sin The night wind is cool and the autumn color is thick and bleak The lover is

    still affectionate far away from the horizon and the heartless person is heartless even on the opposite side The golden sun is brilliant and the Buddha has light in the sky Chapter 682

    Surrounded 4 Looking at the horizon to turn over the Buddha immortal Yishui to find the falling feather but at this time the falling feather is menacing in the devil’s fire Silver and

    borrow the earth and walk even though the speed is very fast it took more than half a month to come and go because the horizon is much farther away from them than the Brahma Pavilion In

    this more than half a month Xiaohong’s bath water has been configured More than thirty disciples of Zhongwu Gate are in the supply of Xiaohong bath water and countless elixirs One by one

    like the balloon it swelled up The ancient martial arts of falling feathers are different from the fighting spirit of forgetting the mainland of Sichuan Without the moves that reflect each

    other the fighting spirit will not be brought into full play Instead as long as the body has decades of internal force Even if is a child will only be the simplest black tiger steals the

    heart also can hit is vigorous destroys the mountain to destroy the rock There are little red bath water and so many ginseng for ten thousand years Luoyu is willing to give these to his

    disciples to improve their skills Why should the disciples of Zhongwumen worry about not having profound internal force It was a big increase in strength overnight And watching silver come

    back know the cloud killed the day to drink fall feather a heart also put down half At present as long as the injury of the cloud killing day is under control then she has plenty of time to

    find a radical cure for the cloud killing day to develop everything to build her revenge aircraft carrier forces Late autumn rustles but the devil’s fire is boiling The hot breath is

    approaching the hot summer Today instead of Tiankui Zong Zhongwumen has never done anything Instead of washing everything in blood at the first time he broke the magic elixir business made

    by Tiankui Zong in an all-round way and opened the elixir in their shops at the same time The golden light was brilliant and the people of the town poured into the streets Did you hear that

    the pills of Zhongwumen are free today “Really” “Of course it’s true All three of their shops opened today for free” “Well it’s a loss-making business Is the elixir real or fake” There are

    no good goods for free things “Go It’s free anyway Try it and you’ll know if it’s a good thing or a fake” “Well that’s right Let’s go It’s all right anyway Go and get a share of it” Chapter

    683 Surrounded 5 In the streets and lanes countless people came from all directions all crowded in front of the Zhongwumen shop which opened todayBuying and selling elixirs is free This is

    the first time I’ve heard of it Those who don’t go are fools Dan medicine that is the most valuable thing in the mainland of Sichuan The sun shrouded the earth and the bright light shone on

    the streets that were not gorgeous It was a rare sunny day Outside the three shops where Zhongwumen annexed Tiankui Zong people and horses were so crowded that they almost crushed the shops

    Listen listen my master said that today’s elixir will be my gift to everyone when the master of Zhongwumen comes to Yinhong Town At the door of the shop the clever little boy shouted at the

    top of his voice OK The crowded people below immediately burst out with a good sound Even if the face is a look of contempt and ridicule such a large amount of medicine do not know how to

    sell money is simply an idiot But since someone sent it there’s really no harm in them shouting good Xiao Sanzi continued with a smile “The elixir is limited It is impossible to satisfy

    everyone’s unlimited delivery First come first served until the end” If you find it useful to eat please be early tomorrow I am waiting for you at Zhongwumen Now line up for me no matter

    old weak sick or disabled no matter high-skilled or low-skilled come with ambition and in order If anyone wants to insert don’t blame me for being rude to the people of Zhongwumen
    ” Shouting loudly to the ground the third son waved his hand and immediately the door of the shop behind him opened and countless elixirs came out The strange fragrance permeated the air

    and made people feel refreshing Good good After listening to the last words of the third son countless ordinary people or people with low skills who originally belonged to watching the fun

    did not expect that they could get suddenly their eyes shone Do not rely on strength to rob So they’re in on it Equal treatment this rule is the first time I’ve heard of it At that moment

    countless people jumped for joy Master after all is a minority ordinary people and general fighting spirit that is the majority There is no distinction between superior and inferior in

    Zhongwumen which is really strange Chapter 684 Surrounded 6 But it really got the public excited The sun was shining and almost all the people in the silver-red town came together In front

    of the Zhongwumen shop there was a hustle and bustle It’s a pity to send it in vain Sitting in the largest restaurant in Yinhong Town Wang Monkey looked at their shop opposite and sent away

    so many elixirs in vain Luoyu was dressed in a crescent white man’s robe with his hair tied up at will and looked unusually handsome Hearing this he stroked Xiao Hong in his arms and shook

    his head slowly with a smile “If you want to take it you must give it first” “What do you mean” Monkey Wang looked back in surprise But Huang Yu and Jun Fei beside him were thoughtful I

    can’t bear to part with the child and catch the wolf Jun Fei and Luoyu were the longest and when he thought about it he suddenly said something that Luoyu had said to him before Luoyu

    laughed when he heard this “You can say that” But the meaning is really different We’ll know when the time comes Why ask now Huang Yu looked at the monkey king and raised his eyebrows