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    Diameter tape measure For the convenience of Sumalagu’s relaxation Kangxi followed Gao Shiqi’s “doctor’s advice” and built a villa for her in Changchun Garden Gao Shiqi immediately ordered a palanquin to pay his respects to Sumalagu The villa is located at the foot of Niushou Peak in the garden Gao Shiqi checked his license and entered the Forbidden Garden He came along but he saw that the foot of the peak was full of pine and bamboo bodhi rattan and juniper green green cypress hanging frost and pine pagodas all over the ground It was quiet and not as depressed as the Buddhist temple of Zhongcui Palace Gao Shiqi walked slowly and saw Sumalagu and a woman playing chess in the distance Several nuns gathered around to watch the battle Gao Shiqi often came and went but he knew the woman’s name was Kong Sizhen When Kong Sizhen saw Gao Shiqi coming in with a big paper she said with a smile “Gao Langzhong is here!”! It’s going to make the land of Buddha impure again! Last time I had a fever thank you for the medicine! “Sige you have told a joke To cure the disease of cold and heat it’s just a small skill to carve insects” While laughing back at Kong Sizhen’s words Gao Shiqi looked at Sumalagu’s complexion and said “I think Master’s illness is much better” It is the essence of Buddhism to be quiet and quiet to cultivate morality and cultivate oneself Master’s innate temperament what kind of disease will be good unlike us laity is to endure a lifetime can not get a positive fruit! When Kong Sizhen heard this she couldn’t help laughing and said “Well you Gao Shiqi you just have a clever mouth” The official has done so big still come here to flatter we can not have the official rank to reward you! Sumalagu and Gao Shiqi were already very familiar with each other Although they felt that he was a little slippery they did not say anything about his talent and learning and he was very talkative He spoke eloquently and had a kind of elegant sentiment so he had a good impression on him After hearing Gao Shiqi’s flattery Sumalagu had a smile on her face She gave up her hand and said “Gao Jushi please sit on the futon over there-Qiyun offer tea!” A little nun promised to bring out the tea Gao Shiqi took the tea and sat down “It smells good” she said with a smile! Thank you Master for your tea! “What brings a busy man like you here” Asked Sumalagu What is it that you are carrying such a large paper “Back to the master the students came here to make a fool of themselves” The last time the master talked about my word he forgot it when he went back The day before yesterday I suddenly remembered that I had written it while I was drunk but I was afraid it would be difficult for the master to see it Kong Sizhen had heard that Gao Shiqi had a good calligraphy so she got up and took it over to show on the table There are three paintings of calligraphy and painting one of which is neither pine nor bamboo nor plum nor is it an auspicious animal or rare bird such as unicorn deer and crane There is only a bright moon in the sky surrounded by a colorful halo beside the moon a clear pond below a duckweed floating accompanied by a solitary and towering lotus flower and a slender bee flapping its wings to fly beside the flower A pair of banners dragons and phoenixes are written with more spirit Sumalagu could not help trembling all over when she saw it It said Xia is the soul of the cloud Bee is the spirit of flower Friends who have heard the first volume of this book still remember that this is the couplet that Wu Ciyou wrote for Sumalagu How could Gao Shiqi know and how could he write this couplet and send it At this time Sumalagu is really full of thoughts Diameter tape measure and she doesn’t know where she is and where her heart is Gao Shiqi was even more nervous His heart was in his throat and he was afraid that this flattery would fall on his hooves Oh master I don’t write well I’m much worse than Mr Wu However according to Gaomoutuixin the disease of the master was actually caused by the couplet If you always hang it on the Buddha Hall it will be better for your body than if you always keep it in your heart Sumalagu was stunned and came to her senses feeling that Gao Shiqi’s words were not unreasonable Holding the paper in both hands he said with a smile “Alas you Gao Shiqi are a famous calligrapher in the court You have written all the couplets in the palace Who dares to say this word is not good” But I don’t have anything to return the favor Today’s world is not what it used to be which is really lamentable Those shameless officials whether round or flat all take out filial piety fawning on your courtiers in the study I’m a monk and I’ll accept your favor but you can’t expect me to do anything for you! Sumalagu was in such high spirits and when she spoke she was so mean and sharp that Gao Shiqi was taken aback He had never thought that this Bodhisattva who was usually quiet and cold would be so shrewish! How did he know that Sumalagu was like this nine years ago in Kangxi Gao Shiqi was stunned and said with a smile “That’s that!”! I never take money from others and I have nothing to beg the master Master received calligraphy and painting is my face Gaomou and friends have the capital to brag again Oh I almost forgot that several troupes of actors have recently come to the capital I heard that Lord Huchen appreciates them very much I’m going to pass the door the day after tomorrow In the next piece I sincerely want to invite the master to relax in the past I wonder if the master has such a mood If Sige is willing to show his face he may be able to move the emperor Sure enough even if the ancestors of the high family have virtue it will not waste the heart of Fang Lan’s worship! Still looking at the calligraphy and paintings Sumalagu said “I never go to the theatre The emperor asked me to go to Changyin Pavilion to see the theatre but I’m too lazy to go!”! Nothing more than swallow jade ring purple hairpin peony or else is the God the journey to the West Bao Longtu night break Yin Cao what is there to see You probably can’t invite the emperor but you brought calligraphy and paintings to me to hit the wooden bell right Kong Sizhen had been stuffy in the palace for a long time but she wanted to go out for a walk “Master Huizhen” she said with a smile “thanks to you everything is empty Such an exquisite mind is suspicious of everything It’s hard to become a Buddha all one’s life!”! If you go I’d like to accompany you I haven’t seen your smiling face for many years! Gao Shiqi blinked his eyes and said with a smile “Master if you are a man and don’t become a monk people like Shiqi really have to pack up and go back to their hometown to study for another ten years!”! Just now you happened to be right! I didn’t mean that! Think about it with Shiqi’s ability and face how can he move the emperor! However this play is not an ordinary script Huchen said in his letter that Mr Lian Wu had read the draft and praised it repeatedly dancing with joy! Gao Shiqi had a brainwave and moved out Wu Ciyou the deity As expected Sumalagu was moved “Oh” What is the play 。