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    You need to make a drawing, before starting the construction process. It really is worth approaching the option of height. The distance from your floor on the ceiling must not be 2.1 m, in order to not create a "tube outcome". Then your thrust increases, and will also cause a draft.

    In cases like this, the most popular air flow is going to be close to the ceiling. For that reason, it is actually logical never to establish the top area substantial. It will probably be proper to put in it at a distance of around a meter in the ceiling.

    It is best to decide on a size of 45 cm for each and every shelf. If you wish to easily rest in stock.

    The others bench has to be manufactured two-tier. The less level must be 65 cm high, along with the uppr tier 105.

    The sauna is by description small compared to the Russian bath. A room of 3.4 sq.m. is sufficient for several individuals. The racks needs to be positioned in many spaces over the walls.

    The length of the wall structure, that is while watching entry, ought to be 2 m. It is actually needed to decide on the sizes, it will not function to achieve the right higher-top quality air circulation. And will also bring about issues with diverse temperature conditions.

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