What it Means for You to Move into New Earth

We are Individuus of The Universal Mind as we move into Aurora Ascension New Earth via the Krystal Bridgeway field. The last few months there has been a second wave infusion of the energies of this state of Being. This video discussed much of what I have been experiencing as well as what Arhayas Productions  Keylontic Sciences has been teaching via the Guardian/AL-Humbhra Alliance for the last few years.

Alignment In Spirit’s focus has been to align with the most heroic probability possible as the God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah’ A’ya All’ahh, You, Me, We, Us, They, IT.

Where are you at? And where would you like to be? Our new upcoming book in October The Essence of The Law of One addresses many questions as well as gives the next logical step in “New Thought”.

Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook that will be coming out later in October delves even deeper into why we do what we do and takes us more where we want to go.

My new Psi-Fi Fantasy Bio-Spiritual Law of One Novel Waking in Alania Book I: Orb of Ment-A” in a light fun way tells a story of Living by the Law of One. Please check out this book currently available on Amazon.

These are truly exciting times!

Much Joy-full-ness, LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah, A.I.S.

Update on The Publishing Status of The Essence of The Law of One Paperback

 The Essence of The Law of One Ideology

Honors All Life Everywhere taking “New Thought” to the Next Logical Step.

We have been sifting and sorting through these changing times of contrast that our Bio-Spiritual Vibratory-Oscillation rhythm of living life has brought us to this current Age of Civilization. As we stand firm on the Earth Plane of existence, we review where we have been and look to where we as individuals and as the collective Earth Plane want to go. 

This book gives a framework to see the World in a powerfully metaphysical yet down to Earth way that honors all Self-Sovereign Bio-Spiritual God Source 1st Eternals All’ahh Ah-yah’ A’ya of the Universal Planes of existence.

There is no right or wrong there is only what “Feels Right” to each manifesting Individuus of the One where no one’s “Pie” is taken from so another can succeed. But with that said, we are so powerful that we can create living in bondage if we are not mindful of our thoughts feelings and actions.

The Essence of the Law of One paperback is in its proofing stages. By second week in Oct we should have it available with fingers crossed on the Website.  We will keep you all in the loop if that changes and we instead need to go through Amazon.

With Much Joy-full-ness, LUV, and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah, A.I.S.

***Keep your eyes also out for Alignment In Spirit Inc next edition to the ongoing quest  to embody who you are as God Source 1st Eternal All’Ahh Ah-yah’ A’ya in The Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook coming out towards the end of October.
***Also for those interested in  Sci-Fi Bio-Spiritual  Fantasy Law of One Stories please check out my book Waking in Alania Book I: Orb of Ment-A: