Introductory Summary of Being A.I.S. Services Taking New Thought to The Next Logical Step

This is a branch of Alignment In Spirit Inc Taking New Thought to The Next Logical step with Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment & Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness to Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One. We utilized stories, articles and videos and personal Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignent Sessions to awaken your own Bio-Spiritual Being to Live Huge Now. Website:… , Facebook Page: Alignment In Spirit Publications, FB Group: Being in Alignment In Spirit and  Moorish Alignment In Spirit Website…

Please Check out Being A.I.S. Services

Being A.I.S. Services

Taking “New Thought” to the Next Logical Step.

Each booklet/Book gives a framework to see the World in a powerfully metaphysical yet down to Earth way that honors all Self-Sovereign Bio-Spiritual God Source 1st Eternal All’ahh Ah-yah’ A’ya (You, Me, We, They, Us, IT) of the Universal Planes of existence.

Perhaps the biggest difference between our literature and most other similar literature out there is we put the emphasis on each person being the individuus of The One as opposed to being a part of or a child of The One. Both ideologies discuss The Law of One but if you do not make the psychological difference between being IT versus being a part of IT you are still falling into the trap of seeing yourself trying to gain the favor of something outside yourself.  Something you have to work to be Worthy of.

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A.I.S. Harmonizing Meditation

Be Grounded – Be Harmonized – Be The Eternal All’ahh

This is an easy Harmonizing Meditation modified from the Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook Harmonizing Technique that any new comer can do and still connect in with the powerful Krystic Bio-Spiritual frequencies running through the planet right now. A good meditation to keep you grounded in the present yet connects you to your own Forever now All’ahh God Source 1st Eternalness