Waking in Alania Book II: The Crystal Halls of Ment-A Book Description

Waking in Alania Book II: The Crystal Halls of Ment-A

***Now in the editing stages and will hopefully be out for the holidays


The story takes place in Modern day Manhattan, NY during the Fall of 2012 when a warehouse in the Garment district blew up. When the explosion occurred, a detective Ben Wilcox aka Genado had been on the scene miraculously survived the blast. Because of the mysterious factors surrounding the case the FBI’s Special Unidentified Phenomenon unit, SUP was brought in whose lead agent was Special Agent Rick Myer aka Eshwa.

Candice aka Kara was a reporter assigned to investigate the incident from a very small local Newspaper called Fashion Bug Tales.  William Carp aka Prince Caldor appears to Candice as a homeless person only she knows his eyes told her something else.

The four of them find out far more than they ever bargained for as the investigation takes them into an ancient portal system where they find themselves meeting up with Melchezedik Ministers, Reptilians, New York’s finest Banshees, The Galactic Federation, and The Dark Time Lords who can take you over from the inside out. They come to discover who and what is The Key as they discover who they really are. Oh, and of course RashalA UR and Guardians are there to help out too.

Finally meeting the Ka-Octi-Rhayas who are highly evolved beings from the Central Sun brought in to help as the story culminates in the Land of The Sun and The Moon of Lake Titicaca, Peru.

The group is tested once again, only this time, they think they are regular every day Humans. Can they wake up in time to be able to do their jobs as grid keepers before The Dark Time Lords who make the Cabal aka Templar Initiates of The Solar look like sweet little pussycats?

Here is an excerpt from the book:

The closer Candace walked towards the warehouse the dizzier she became.  She stopped to steady herself by a pile of crates on the edge of the police tape perimeter.  Her eyes blurred at the scene of the blown up warehouse which then changed into a very large cylinder shaped white stone temple that reached far up into the sky and also reached far into the Earth.   There were Very tall lithe tan skinned women with dark flowing hair wearing knee-length white dresses walking in unison carrying what looked like herbs into the temple.

Then as quick as the vision appeared, it disappeared as she once again stood looking at the burned up warehouse.  Candice maneuvered her way under the tape as people ran around doing an awful lot of nothing which occupied the officer’s attention guarding the entry.

As Candace made her way down a dark hallway she was caught off guard by how extensive the damage was as if she was really making her way through a bombed out building in the Middle East rather than in Manhattan USA.  Just then she heard voices as she stood as still as a mouse in the shadows. As they passed, she overheard that this bomb was similar to the one used in other recent attacks.

Candice felt a chill as she contemplated the thought of other bomb attacks? She did not remember hearing about them.  Was this a cover-up? But why? What could be gained?

Candice gingerly moved along the dark hallway shining her flashlight on the water soaked debris.  As she walked the light cast shadows of monsters on the walls.  Candace was just about to high tail it out of there when the hallway opened up into a larger area with scaffolding and lights hung up.  Carefully she made her way to what looked like a large hole in the center of the floor with police tape around it.

Bending over the tape she felt light-headed as the darkness opened up calling her to a Chrystal Cavern below. Just as she felt like she was going to fall, something or someone grabbed her from behind pulling her as she screamed away from the opening. Candice struggled to get away as this creature yelled.


It then Shook her as it then spoke In a very soft deep male voice.

“ Are you ok?  What are you doing here and who are you?”

All Candice could do at that moment was stand silent as images danced before her eyes of the lithe tanned skinned women making their way down into the Chrystal Cavern below. Were they waiting for her? No, that could not be true. Yet, she knew it was true.

Once again she was shaken and then her upper arms squeezed which this time brought her fully back to the present. She looked up to a very handsome face that almost reminded her of the complexion of the women she had just been envisioning. Candice tried pulling out of this man’s grasp only to have him hold her tighter.

“Ouch, what is your problem? Let me go.”

“Again miss, who are you and what are you doing in a restricted area?  You just about killed yourself”

Candice now had her full wits about her.

“Ahh….well… ah, I am ok. Please let me go. Thank you for stopping me from falling.  I do not know what happened.  One moment I am walking trying to find someone to talk to and the next moment I..ah… almost fall down that hole.  I had no idea there was a Chrystal Tavern below Manhattan?”

His hold loosened allowing her to take a step back.  The man looked down into the hole and Candice did the same.  No longer did she see a hole leading to a Chrystal Cavern.  She just saw a lot of rubble as she Pushed the hair that had fallen across her face clearing her throat.

“Oh ah hmm, I could have sworn I saw an opening into a large Chrystal Cavern and there are people down there.  We need to get down there for I know they need our help.”

The man clenched his fists taking in a deep breath and releasing it.

“Again who are you and what are you doing in a restricted area?”

“I am Sorry to have upset you but you have not said who you are either.  Who are you?”

“I am Special FBI Agent Myers in charge of this investigation. You?”

Candice gave this Special Agent one of her signature smiles as she reached out in greeting.

“Candice Miller, glad to make your acquaintance if you do not mind me asking, why would the FBI be involved in a local matter if there was no real foul play?”

Agent Myer seemed to relax and gave Candace a very warm smile as he took her outstretched hand.

“Ms. Miller you still have not told me why you are here.  Are you a reporter?”

Candice could tell her face told him the answer.

“Ms. Miller, there will be an official statement to the press soon until then you need to leave.”

He started to grab her forcefully only stopped and as Candice was about to resist she stopped. They both stood transfixed for what seemed to be an eternity until Candice broke the silence.

“Agent Myer, what do you know about the bomb used to blow up the building?”

“Bomb?  Who said anything about a bomb?  We are still investigating.”

“Oh really, I had heard there have been other bombings in the area.”

Candice noticed how this agent Myer while appearing calm had a bead of sweat forming on his brow,

“Other bombs? Where did you hear that?”

“I heard some people talking about it when I first walked in.  So on record has someone been bombing Manhattan?”

They had managed to make their way out of the warehouse and into the open without letting go of each other.  The rays of the sun glinted on Candice’s face causing her to once again brush her hair out of her face. She noticed an odd look on Agent Myer’s face before he seemed to reluctantly let her go.

“Ms. Miller, I.. Ah I have to go right now but… ah if you like we could.. ah, talk more over dinner tonight?”

Candice cocked her head to the side squinting.

“Hm, well ok”

Candice then reached into her bag pulling out a business card handing it to him.

Reluctantly he let her go. When she was about halfway to her car, Candice could not help but turn to look back as he was staring intently at her.  She gave him one of her signature smiles which caused him to smile back. Nodding she turned back around and was on her way wondering about who this Agent Myer fella was all about.

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