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A Newly Inspired Sci-Fi Fantasy Series about who we are as Spiritual Beings Living a Multidimensional Bio-Spiritual Existence in a World Really Not So Far Away.

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For the exploration of the Background to the Story this page is divided into three areas:


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*Excerpt from the book

*Background of the characters and story

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While this story appears to be a typical Sci-Fi story it is really a piece of Earth’s ancient hidden history.  Much of the history I had re-membered through my affiliation with the Freedom Teachings of Keylontic Science. The rest of the knowledge gained was through the life that the characters in the story shared through me.  Kara, Eshwa, Genado, Prince Caldor, Queen Asana and Even General Damien all have a life of their own in my heart. I was glad I could get their story down on paper.  This book was a long time coming.

I had started it in 2006 while I was living in New Mexico.  A friend of mine, Black Unicorn, at the time really felt that I should be a storyteller of Keylontic Science which is the study of light, sound, base codes of matter, multidimensionality and creation mechanics.  Quite a mouthful is it not.  Well, needless to say, it has been hard for most people to grasp the technicals involved. But I hope this book gives one the heart and meaning of  Keylontic Science which is really to say how to live truly by the Law of One or the One-ness that I refer to so intensely in this book.  In fact, it is really an example of how all Angelic Humans can live a full whole life.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  May you be your full One-ness self co-creating with the elements of life around you.

With much love and Peace, Katie O’She Wha’Nitah

*Excerpt from the book

Alania in All its Splendor was a Dying World

The air was electric with an unusual glow around the room.  It made Kara feel a little light headed as her stomach tensed. At that moment bells rang and drums sounded as the proceedings began.  Everyone was silent as a bright white light emanated throughout the room as the Solar Initiates of the Templar, floated into the room.

The energy became electric as the air around everyone began to sing.  Everyone responded in kind to the sounds that came from within them.  Kara felt the presence of these beings but again felt this cold chill like something was not quite right, and it seemed like no one else felt it, as she looked around to see people mesmerized by their presence. Everyone seemed like they lost their self- will and would do anything this being asked them to do.

Why Kara did not respond to this energy she did not know?  The Templar’s had approached Kara a few times in the past to join their organization.  While Kara admired much of what they followed and the power that they wielded, she knew that they did not follow the Law of One any-more and that they only wanted her for the power they could wield from her.

Next Prince Drogo, a tall thin boned being, with light brown hair with flex’s of grey that reflected the light in all his finery, stepped onto the stage dressed in a white flowing robe. While there was an outer appearance of light around him there was a dark essence about him that left Kara cold.  Allegiance was demanded by his very presence with cold blue eyes, all hailed him as ruler.

Kara knew she had to respond in kind but her heart was screaming no!  As she looked into his eyes, she saw a need for power and control.  Frightened by his eyes Kara looked away.  Prince Drogo on this day became the new Ruler of Alania.  The crowd was deafening as all cheered the new regent.

No one spoke of the Melchizedek that had been in line to take over but had died of heart failure in a land where that rarely happened. He was a person who in Kara and many others opinions, intended to make a lot of positive changes to help a dying planet re-cover.

At the reception, there was much dance and drinking of wine spirits.  Kara was holding her glass that she would probably hold onto the remainder of the party.  The last time she drank it did not sit well with her.  Kara stood watching the people.  Some coming to talk to her for a few moments and then going off to speak to someone else.  Kara did not mind these parties; she was trained in the trivialities of small talk.

But as the night progressed she became bored as people’s energies became more erotic with the wine spirits.  She felt tired and alone in this crowded place.  Her soon to be husband had left hours ago, thankfully.  To Kara, Lord Phelp seemed to appear to be someone that he was not?  She did not trust him but did not have any facts to back this up.  She was glad that he was gone more than he was at home.

She walked through the great hall finding a small dimly lit quiet back room to sit down.  As her thoughts drifted away, they were interrupted by voices of what sounded like men talking as they walked into the room.  Their accents were hard to follow.  Again she thought of New Guam.  They did not see her right away due to where she was sitting in the room.  They were talking about the current troubles in their land and their frustrations at the current Alanian government.  Kara was sitting very still as she listened.  They did not seem to be mesmerized by the current ruler.

Kara sighed curiously at this.  Yet, she knew that they were in great danger being here particularly when they started talking about the damage that was occurring to the planet.  They were worried about how the Alanian’s wanted to mine any-where they wanted to without any consideration of how that would affect the land.  In particular, there was one person named Eshwa, who spoke very vehemently to his friend about the situation.

“Caldor, we have to do something about this raping and pillaging of this Earth especially in regards to the misuse of the power generators.  The land has been shaking more and more and the quality of the air is getting worse and worse.  It is getting harder to regenerate our energies and I have heard that there are mutants that are now eating other life forms from the animal and plant kingdoms!”

“Eshwa, I agree but what are we to do?  It is dangerous to even talk here about it.”

At that moment there was a clunking sound.  The two men jumped to look to where the sound came from.  The glass Kara had been holding had slipped out of her hand and toppled to the floor.  Kara looked very guilty as she sat there in silence not knowing what to say and feeling bad for eavesdropping.

“Who is this?”

As Kara looked up to address her accuser, her eyes locked once again with the man she had seen earlier before the coronation had commenced.    They just stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity but was only a moment. Caldor intervened and broke the silence

“Eshwa, you are scaring the poor girl.  Miss, why are you away from the party alone?”

“I was tired of the crowd and needed space.  It was quiet in here until you two came in.

Eshwa and Caldor laughed at this. Caldor’s hazel eyes glittered mischievously.

“Yes, dear lady we were having quite a discussion.  What do you think of what we were saying?”

Kara looked him in the eye.

“What you talk about may get you into a lot of trouble in this place.  Yet, I find myself having the same concerns as you.”

*Background of the characters and story

The Solar Initiates of the Templar Alanian Empire

The Alanian’s were a powerful ancient nation whose Solar Initiates of The Templar had been a powerful and positive grid force for all souls to live by The Law of One. Yet, through many generations of genetic code alterations by choosing to live a finite lack fear based system and interbreeding with others who could not at the time embody the Law of One perspective on an intellectual level. The society of Alania no longer remembered the Spirit Self that created their bio-spiritual existence. They were taken on a new path of experiencing Their Source Self from a very separate “Survival of the Fittest” controller mindset.

This particular mindset eventually had begun to infiltrate throughout Tara’s morphogenetic Template.  Due to the finite mindset of these people their template had shut down to the natural perpetual renewal of life causing a fear of lack need to control “Finite Resources” reality. Certain family Bloodlines had taken the Authority over by force to control the “finite Resources” of the Tara Plane. These particular family lines to which General Damian was a part of had still retained enough working codes to manipulate others who had finally become so shut down that they completely forgot who they were no longer giving allegiance to their God Source Self but now gave it to these Templar Controller Elite Families.

Between the finite mindset and the then abuse of the Crystal Power Generators had altered the Morphogenetic Field of Tara continually weakening her every day. This also made her vulnerable to outside warfare which had caused further damage.

Kara of the House of Yenta  

Kara of the House of Yenta

Kara stood with the confidence of spirit rather than the self-importance of status.   She was a say what she meant and meant what she said kind of person.  She had an open-minded view of the World seeing the mysticism in life which guided her to see deep into the motives and actions of others.

She secretly studied the “Ancient Ways” to which her father turned a blind eye. He loved her dearly and new there was something special about her but never did understand her. He had loved her mother very much and had promised on her deathbed to allow Kara to explore her roots in private.

Due to his position in the Alanian Government, he had always been able to cover up any of her indiscretions of protocol but Kara was of marrying age which meant that she had to get married and take her place in the Royal Government System.

Kara was not looking forward to becoming a part of the Alanian Royal Government system but she did not know how to avoid the inevitable.  The story is about how as a self-sovereign being she was able to break the confines of the social structure she had been born into becoming the fully bio-spiritual expression she was to hopefully lead her World to safety.

General Damien of The Solar Initiates of the Templar of the Alania Empire

Racine, a highly coded member of the team, had picked General Damien because of his DNA coding connection to the family and the status that the family held on Tara.  There had been a hope that Damien would have actually been able to make changes in Alania. The distortions in the bloodline were just too many even with the help of the Syrian Council influencing his father to agree for Damien to be under RashalA UR’s tutelage.

His father, who was energetically shut down, was scared of the old ways did not want to lose his son to the priesthood so he had him taken out of school right when he began to connect with his Source Self.

His father then proceeded to teach him what the “real world was about” which had been a very cruel and violent perspective.  The experience traumatized Damien so much that he became the sick twisted dark soul of General Damien of the Solar Initiates of the Templar, who had ended up using his Ment-A training, not for his own growth and benefit of others but to manipulate and violate others.

The Picalo Empire One of the Last Major Strongholds of the Law of One

The Terms King, Queen, and Prince are English translations for these people were actually Flame holders of The Tara Morphogenetic Plane.  They were able to embody a certain level of higher Plane frequency that they “down stepped” into the Tara plane grids. This energy from the higher realms that if it was not “down stepped” would fracture the Morphogenetic Holographic Tara Template.

This gave them a certain status in the region.  Even the Alanian’s had a begrudging respect for them. This Flame Holder lineage had been maintained by three family’s lines who for thousands of years each maintained one-third of the Tara Morphogenetic Grid Plane. But now the other two family’s lineage had been murdered or genetically digressed to where they could no longer maintain their contracts.

The current family was known as the House of the Flame of Ra.   Their family color was amethyst (pale pink)

King Ethos of The Picalo Empire

While a minor character in the story King Ethos was a major character in the lives of many of the people in the story.  He had been a wise and peaceful capable leader who understood that to be a good leader meant to support and trust how the people chose to live as their own Individuus Expression of the All One.  Everyone in his household had a responsibility first to their Self as God Source or the All That Is.  From the position of being their God Source self, they acted accordingly with everything they did.  All the people and life they came across was touched by this love, honor, and appreciation.

Queen Asana of the Picalo Empire

Queen Asana was a very elegant, confident and no-nonsense person.  She was very tall graceful wispy dark complected lady with brown eyes and light brown curly hair.  She could hold her own in hand to hand combat and archery.

These fighting skills just two generations ago would have been unheard of for anyone much less anyone in the Priesthood.  After the last founding family had been rumored to be killed off by the other family who had genetically digressed causing much violence that it threatened the lives of the whole Tara Plane making fighting a regular way of life for many Tarans.

Queen Asana was from the Itswell province on the outskirts of Ment-A.  When her family came to live in Picalo, per the request of the Syrian Council, to help heal the distortions occurring in New Guam, she met Prince Ethos, a very clumsy adolescent boy.

It was not “love at first sight”.  They were very different in how they did things. No one thought the match was going to work until one evening an assassin from Starko tried to kill Princes Asana.  Prince Ethos found out about the plan apprehending the assassin.

Princes Asana was so impressed she gave Prince Ethos a hug and that was the beginning of a very prosperous union.  Prince Ethos was named Regent of the land two years later after an illness had taken his father, King Reginald.  Caldor was born a year later.

Prince Caldor of the Picalo Empire

Prince Caldor of the Picalo Empire




Prince Caldor carried himself with a confident yet humble elegance, with a genuinely friendly air about him.  He always had worked to resolve issues many times to the other group’s benefit.  He did this not out of fear or lack of confidence but from a genuinely caring desire to help everyone.  Truth be told he and his family could have annihilated their enemies at any time for by being flame holders they wielded a lot of power.

While the Starko did not want peace and wanted to take what they could get actually had a grudging respect for Prince Caldor and his family.






Eshwa of The House of Valutor and Prince Caldor’s Protector and Brother

Eshwa of the House of Valutor Protector and Brother to Prince Caldor

Eshwa’s tribe had perished under the hands of The Templar Initiates of the Solar, who had raided his village as a child.  The village had been located on the outer edge of the Picalo territory right on the border to the Starko tribe.  The Starko leader had a disagreement with Eshwa’s father, the Valutor tribe leader.

A common theme of the Starko Tribe had been to have the Templar squad to do their dirty work instead of them trying to work out an issue.  The Templar squad had been looking for an excuse to destroy the Valutor tribe due to their loyalties to the Picalo Empire.  The excuse later given for the raid had been that the Valutor Chieftain had been hiding a traitor of the Alanian Empire.  Only there had been no traitor found.

The end result was the Valutor tribe had been whipped out by a bloody massacre.  Except by divine intervention when the Picalo soldiers had finally arrived hours later found Eshwa unconscious under some ruble.  He was taken back to the palace and due to the honor bestowed to his family was raised as their son. The loss of his family though haunted him.  King Ethos and Queen Asana worried about him so at a young age they had sent him to Ment-A to study under RashalA UR from the Yanas System.  They knew that he would have been sent there anyway if his parents had lived.

Eshwa had been a quick study in many ways and could accomplish much that other apprentices could not dream of doing.  Eshwa had no fear and a willingness to try anything but his anger and resentment of his parent’s death blocked his work in the higher realms.  It was decided that when Eshwa turned 21 he had returned home to make peace with his life.  At the time of his return, there had been many disputes popping up between the Starko tribe and the Picalo territory.  Eshwa had been able to utilize his training very creatively in ending many of the disputes that had led to the current tense peace between the two territories and in the process making some peace within him. Yet, even with all the love and support around him he still had a darkness within him keeping him from being his full God Source authentic self.

The Syrian Council and The inner Taran city of Ment-A

There was a distant star that shined rather brightly in a universe far away.  This star was from a place called Mintaka in Orion’s Belt.  On this star had been held a very important meeting to determine the fate of humankind for ages to come. These Beings represented the highest order of God Source First Eternal Life expressed in the outer domains of existence.   They were the Rishi and they live by the Law of One.

They had been known by some as the Azurline Council.  They had been part of a much bigger council that spaned even more than this story could contain going all the way into The Inner Core of Creation.  But for this story, we had just focus on these power-full yet humble founder Races, who had come together a long, long time before to create a new Species of life that embodied physical manifestation to its fullest expression, the Angelic Human.  A playground, if you will, was created so that they could experience through their free will creative choices many billions of possibilities just for the joy and expansion of it.

This Council had met to discuss a very specific playground called Tara, in the Alcyone system.  Tara had been an experiment in evolving the Angelic Human to be stewards of the Universe in keeping the balance between the polarities of light forces and dark forces.  Both forces had been important in maintaining the continued ability to perpetually renew life, that by pure intention could manifest any and everything at will.  Tara had done very well for millions of years.

While many had given up on Tara, RashalA UR, a being from the Yanas system, had convinced the council that Tara was the key to life not just in their solar system but for all life everywhere.

A team of Guardians had been created that embodied many time frames all at once to help the morphogenetic Field of Tara effecting all Life Everywhere.  All the main characters that birthed in at that time came from this collective of Guardians to do what needed to be done.  Because of the growing distortions on the Tara plane, these souls had a hard time remembering what they came there to do.  But with a little support from RashalA UR and each other, they had remembered enough to be able to take on their contract.

The Inner planes of Ment-A had been an ancient city where highly evolved beings including RashalA UR had come and taught students of the Law of One without damaging Tara’s morphogenetic grids for thousands of years.

RashalA Ur of the Yanas System

RashalA UR was a very highly evolved being who came from beyond this time matrix/ solar system.   RashalA Ur was a key charactor who was seen as a huge colorful group complex Sphere of energy that could take whatever form it wanted. 

  RashalA UR fully embodied living by the Law of One. This meant honoring All Life everywhere as the God Source/ The All That Is/ Infinite Creator/ All’ah  and treating accordingly everything It came into contact as a unique expression of The All That Is or All One God Source.  When someone was in this Beings presence, one felt total love and acceptance and even a genuine honor on a deep level of their connectedness with each other.

Genado of The Special Guardian of the Universal Forces

Genado Special Guardian of the Universal Forces

Genado was a 2,000 years old winged Lion of the special guardian of the Universal forces.  Genado due to being a very impeccable and insightful person had been commissioned to Tara about 500 years previously.    The first 300 years he had been commissioned in Ment-A working with his old mentor RashalA Ur from the Yanas System.  Eventually, the affairs of the Tara plane had been deteriorating so badly that he was commissioned to the Picalo territory which was the last major stronghold of The Law of One Flame Holder family.

Genado was a great fit for King Ethos’s realm.  Genado worked flawlessly with both the family and the people.  There were many situations that could have ended up badly between the Starko and the Picalo but Genado with the support of King and Queen and eventually Prince Caldor and Eshwa were able to peacefully resolve situations for both territories.

Genado had worked with The Starko people gaining their trust and had learned about their needs and what they had wanted out of life and had given many the opportunity to connect again with their God Source self.  Many people grew and evolved had taken advantage of Genado’s support and help and had been great assets in helping to keep the peace between the two Territories.

Others had dismissed Genado as a fool and while appreciating his good intentions did not believe that connecting to their God Source Self was of benifet because they had become so disconnected that all they wanted to do was protect their own and or gain power over everyone around them.  They vowed allegiance only to the Alanian Empire.

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  1. The book is incredible.

    It carries an ‘outside of time’ perspective that gave me cellular memory waves of my own personal memories of Tara, buried deeply inside of me. If you carry any deeply rooted Taran memories, I am sure it will do the same for you as well.

    I can say that for me this book is becoming an extension of the activations/awakening I received from Voyagers 2.

    Before reading the first page, I asked Katie about the cover art and we instantly joined in a mutual exchange of memories about the building structures of Tara.

    These huge empty buildings that remain on Tara have been an emotional reoccurring dream visit location for me over the past few years. The erie feeling of these once organic, living structures left me with a pondering in the waking state. Now, from going deeper into my cellular memory and experiences, I feel there can be further release of this deeply embedded trauma of those times and places.

    The narrative lays out the KS perspective in a real life setting feel, personalizing the mechanics to story; a fascinating way of bringing the KS teachings ‘to life’- and a fresh approach outside of the sometimes dense, technical heaviness the teachings can sometimes have for people.

    I want to thank Katie for stepping up and sharing this story. For some people it will bring a new way of learning the histories given in Voyagers 2. I’m looking forward to Book 2!


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